A decent gaff in Dublin.

No seriously.

Francis Doherty writes:

‘Moving on’ is a short film that tells the story of two young people in homelessness and follows them as they prepare to move into their own homes.These new homes were former local authority voids, vacant for a number of years, which were then renovated by Peter McVerry Trust with funding from [building material firm] Saint Gobain Ireland. The project resulted in 6 apartments for people in homeless services.

Peter McVerry Trust

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4 thoughts on “Very Moving

  1. Mr. T.

    Jonotti can’t moan about tax payers money because it’s all charitable. The state failed them. Ordinary people saved them.

    Life isn’t all middle class professional parents and stable home environments for everyone.

  2. Anne

    I hope the bozos harping on about ‘looking within’ and taking responsibility, or moving to Longford, or that they’re looking for a lifestyle, have a look at this.

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