Strike Busters



Damage at a site hit by what activists said were Russian air strikes in the town of Ariha, Syria yesterday.

Syria airstrikes: Jeremy Corbyn gives Labour MPs free vote (

6 thoughts on “Strike Busters

  1. Sido

    I understand the former British Ambassador to Syria referred to Dave’s Churchillian proposals as “Recreational Bombing”, presumably he’s retired .

  2. Specific Gravity

    A bomb pattern is a term I dreamed up just several weeks ago. It means nothing, but you’d be surprised at how rapidly it’s caught on. Why, I’ve got all sorts of people convinced I think it’s important for the bombs to explode close together and make a neat aerial photograph.

  3. sad but true

    by this stage, theyve already created the monster. more bombing will add minions to that monster. nearly as well to just do away with the whole lot of em, and obliterated the entire middle east, then kill every muslim on the planet, just in case they get thick at the middle east gettin done in.

  4. AlisonT

    Well I guess things were going very well before the bombing campaign started as Baghdad was about to fall to ISIS. it is easy to criticise when ISIS are not camped a couple of miles from your door. I think the people trapped on Mount Sinjar were pretty glad the bombing started.

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