Guts And Glory



The heart-stopping issue (top) of excellent Dublin-based literary confessional magazine, Guts, won ‘Cover of the Year’ at the Stack Magazine Awards in London Last night.

The cover by Mick Minogue features a Marigold-clad hand clutching a Jeyes clothed organ. A savage indictment against doing the washing up.

At the bash were top from left: Paddy Dunne, Steve McCarthy, Roisin Agnew (editor), Mick Minogue and Steve O’Connor (videographer).

Fair play, in fairness.


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8 thoughts on “Guts And Glory

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “Bland, boring, contrived”

      True… I couldn’t help but cringe all the way through Roisin’s piece. The book/mag was sold on the idea of the experiences of doing illicit drugs. Róisin’s was on prescription drugs that she was prescribed and how a spliff allegedly sent her into some trippy dream state (that was the gist of it) and there was some disorientation….. it had the edge of a rolled up fleece blanket…. as predicted, which is unfortunate.

  1. dan

    Tough crowd. To be fair to them, at least they are trying something new – the design is brilliant, and while the writing is patchy, it’s good to see new printed titles in Dublin.

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