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Donal O’Conghaile writes:

Since the last posting did so well, I thought your readers might be interested in my latest offering. The Life Hack Your Kitchen poster is designed to to help anyone cook smarter, waste less food and have an easy clean up afterwards. Like my previous projects, the tips in this graphic have been thoroughly tested, carefully illustrated and assembled into an eye-catching wall print [available at link below].

Life Hack Your Kitchen (LifeHackPosters)

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. Fee free.

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15 thoughts on “Kitchen Consequential

        1. Caroline

          It could only mean some terrible natural disaster had suddenly wiped out every member of a household. I suppose you could freeze it to preserve the evidence for forensics?

  1. Disasata

    I despise any article with the word hack in it.
    Even where it is appropriate to use the word, like in IT.

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