Please Find Nervy Poppy


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Martin writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but Poppy (above) has escaped from Palmerston Park in Rathmines [Dublin 6]. Can anyone let us know if they have seen or found her? She’s very small and very nervous and ran away from a truck in the park.”


UPDATE: Poppy located.


The proprietor of a well known B&B in Westport town has described as ‘a mystery’ how eight of nine goldfish he owned have gone missing from the fountain outside his home.
The eight fish, of varying shapes and sizes, went missing in the early hours of last Tuesday morning and have since failed to turn up. The fish left behind has since died.

B&B owner appeals for missing goldfish (Mayo News)

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10 thoughts on “Please Find Nervy Poppy

  1. Murtles

    Musta been one of those 7.2 hour challenges, ya wee fecker Poppy. I’d blame her for the fish too only for that’s the opposite side of the country.

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