For The Year That Was In It



Elaine K writes:

How about a card to mark the referendum and the huge celebrations this year. I think it’s time to send some cards this year to put a smile on someone’s face and let ’em know you care. You can get your hands on my “Love is in the Éire” card, and more at links below.

Love Is In The Eire Christmas Card (etsy)

ElaineK Designs

Irish made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No charge.

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12 thoughts on “For The Year That Was In It

  1. Prop Joe

    Surprised it isn’t just a big picture of Panti’s stupid face.
    The ego maniacal hijacker of the referendum press coverage, not the harbringer of the result.

        1. Kieran NYC

          No, I think he was ‘elected’ the figurehead by the media after Pantigate.

          During the campaign itself, he kept mostly in the background. Probably correctly assuming that Irish people like you seem to resent anyone who sticks their head above the parapet.

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