That’ll Learn Them




As British MPS debate the use of air strikes on ISIS rebels in Syria….

Fourty-eight per cent of voters now back Cameron’s proposal to bomb Isis in Syria, a drop from 59 per cent before the prime minister addressed parliament last week.

The number of people opposed to the idea of airstrikes has also since grown considerably from 20 per cent to 31 per cent, while 21 per cent say they are still undecided.


Syria air strikes: Public support falls as Parliament prepares to vote (

Montage via John Paul Watson

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27 thoughts on “That’ll Learn Them

  1. Laughter Tack.

    People don’t really care.
    They pretend to.

    Anyway, it’s nothing to do with Irish people. No matter how much newsnight and sky news we watch.

    Armies are there to be used, sadly.

  2. Zaccone

    It’s almost as if toppling the stable regimes in Syria, Libya and Iraq with no functional plan for their replacement has resulted in massive instability (along with death & destruction). Who could have seen that coming?

    Said regimes were awful, mind you. But what has emerged as their replacements is even worse.

    1. phil

      @Zac , Those regimes were awful, but so is Saudi Arabia , and the west’s attitude them is not to push them out in the cold , to ‘work’ with them and encourage them to reform. I cant see that working for Saudi Arabia but I do think it was working for Libya, remember Libya was taken off the ‘axis of evil’ list in 2005.

      I had a terrible thought after Libya recently, what if we fundamentally misunderstand these countries/people in the middle east, the countries only exist because the UK drew lines on a map. They are full of little tribes and big ones that hate each other more than they hate us. If we want to continue to see these countries in their current form on the map, maybe what they need is an awful leader, like the used to have. We couldnt understand or agree with how brutal they were, but maybe thats whats needed to keep the lid on… and thats so depressing…

      1. Kieran NYC

        Bill Maher on TV over here has a theory of just having to sit back and let them slaughter each other, like their version of the Protestant/Catholic wars in Europe. Get it out of their system.

        The man’s a bigot on Muslim issues, but it’s a theory. Though I’m sure the West would get blamed for doing nothing as much as doing anything.

  3. Smashmouth

    What exactly can the UK bring to the table that the US, Russia and France have not already got cvered?


    Nowt will change unless there is a concerted effort to send in ground troops

    What’s the point of NATO again?

    1. munkifisht

      Unilateral support and a show that the international community stands in solidarity.

      Agree however that there needs to be ground troops. Further it needs to be UN action, not individual countries.

      1. Sido

        Would that be the same UN, whose chair of “Humin Rites” is currently Saudi Arabia. Or would you be talking about another UN?

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        They’ve been pushing that line since the first gulf war. The US won’t drop a bomb within 1600 metres of a friendly soldier just in case, though.

    2. Owen

      Ok Smashmouth… here it is….

      1. Russia holds the oil monopoly in Europe
      2. KSA, USA, UK, Quatar what that market and have done for years
      3. There is a planned pipeline from Quatar to Turkey through Syria for years (15-20yrs)
      4. Assad in Syria rejected the pipeline to keep its ally’s (Russia) investment
      5. KSA and Quatar funded ISIS to over through Assad – probably never intending them to attach Europe, but its great news for them…
      6. Now USA / UK / France have the chance to attack ISIS, but really just want to get a foot in the door to Syria, and that pipeline. (similar to attacking Iraq for oil and not democracy)
      7. Russia are genuinely trying to destroy ISIS to protect its oil monopoly in Europe.
      8. So whats really going on is Russia vs Europe / USA in an oil war in Syria.

      I know… it sounds like I need a tin hat, but EVERYONE recognises that bombing ISIS will never stop attacks in other countries. So why do it?

      Mark my words. The USA will next put ‘boots on the ground’ to bring ‘democracy’ to Syria.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Funny how America bombs or instigates uprisings / revolutions ( makes govts unstable ) in these countries but is too afraid to tackle the biggest spreader of fupped up religious propaganda of them all… the Saudi’s and their fupped up Wahhabism!

  5. shitferbrains

    Montage by an Alex Jones Prison Planet fan. C’mon Broadsheet you can do better than that.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    Channel 4 was good on this last night.

    It’s one helluva quagmire they’re all in…. one striking point Jon Snow wanted answered… Turkey is an ally fighting ISIS, the Kurds fighting ISIS are an ally and a very important one

    …… but Turkey is also killing Kurds!

  7. Kolmo

    It’s the knuckleheads at the head of these commercial enterprises, they don’t care about the people they stamp on to get the assets (Oil) – see how the oil ministry in Baghdad was secured and guarded with lethal amounts of invading mercenaries while everything else was let go to shit. Libya was destabilised by the same external commercial interests, all because Col. Ghadaffi wanted to decouple from the US $ in selling their own oil, Libya had one of the highest standards of living in Africa before the invasion. It is nauseatingly cynical. Where is the real media?

  8. Laughter Tack.

    I’m waiting for the Daily Show to tell me how to think on this one. I love retweeting those pithy YouTube clips. Or is Jon Stewart more concise? And he seems to be more forthright too, he really means it.

    Oh wait… Shooting in America.
    Never mind.
    *like button finger twitches*

  9. Sherriff Frilly Keane

    Call me Dave
    Is just bursting ta’ launch a bombs away

    He’s like the boy fighting with his cousins over some sh1t or another. Probably a Drone these days ….
    Gimme it
    Gis’it over
    S’my turn
    Ah gis’a go
    S’not fair they’re all all it
    Why can’t I have a go
    I’m telling

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