Airport Drama



At around 5am this morning two female occupants were taken from their home at Gracefield Road [Artane, Dublin 5] in a white/Silver VW Caddy van partial registration number 09D which was driven around for a number of hours and found by Gardai.

Both females were tied and bound in the back of this van in the vincinity of Chestnut Grove estate, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

At the same time the male occupant of the house was forced to attend work at his place of employment with a cash in transit company and forced to hand over a substantial sum of money in the vicinity of Corballis Road Business Park, Dublin Airport. The incident is not terrorist related.

Stuart Carolan   Garda statement this afternoon

Armed gardai attend ‘serious’ incident at Dublin Airport following tiger-kidnapping (


Surrounding a plane?


21 thoughts on “Airport Drama

  1. Peter Danner

    The gang would like to thanks the script writers of Love\Hate for meticulously devising the plan in Season 4 Episode 1

      1. rotide

        I’d say you’re great craic at parties altogether..

        “Cold weather we’re having isn’t it Dav”
        “Quite, some more Cab Sav?”

    1. Prop Joe

      They shouldn’t be doing a cheeky anything unless they are from the UK … and more locally, London

      1. Prop Joe

        Actually I must know where this came from?

        Years ago if you were having a smoke on the sly, like properly on the sly as in someone thought you were busy, or at a meeting or on your way somewhere but you were in fact having a “sneaky smoke” without them knowing, then there were sneaky pints on teh way home from work or at lunch. Even using the words cheeky, or crafty in those circumstances I can accept ….

        But it’s now become that everything someone does is cheeky.
        “Cheeky glass of water” *pics on instagram, facebook, bebo
        “Cheeky pints” – at 8.30 on a friday night when everyone is having pints and it’s not cheeky, sneaky or crafty
        Oh and don’t get me started on the “It’d be rude not to”
        No you ladypart it wouldn’t, now fupp off!

        1. Clampers Outside!

          “Cheeky pints” on a Friday evening after work… wha?

          Whatever happened to early houses and popping out to the post office at 10.30am when the pubs open…
          Friday… evening…. cheeky….

          Damn world went and got sense and turned into *pushes glasses up nose* Mani’s Ma.

  2. :-Joe

    “The incident is not terrorist related.”…


    QUICK…. CALL OFF THE BLEEDIN BOMBERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..



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