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  1. John

    Oirish Toimes don’t want anyone reading their paper anymore? The “thought leader” feminists of Tara Street throwing in the towel?

    It’s the best news I’ve heard all week.

  2. Marian

    Leo is above criticism. He’s a great lad. Nurses and doctors are paid peanuts and subjected to disgraceful rents. Don’t be surprised if they don’t give a sh*t. Under-resourcing => Broken systems => those left can’t fix either => don’t give a sh*t. Unlimited immigration + confetti passports + non-existent immigration policy + non-existent immigration enforcement => health, welfare and labour-market tourism. If you’re a young man/young girl, you’re expected to compete/participate/pay in to all this and “do your time” in the bottom rungs. One day it will be great. Lol. Taxpaying mugs are expected to keep shovelling a large percentage of their output (approx. 50%) on top of it all to keep the show on the road till after the next election. At which stage Leo will have moved on and a new incumbent will have a go at trying to motivate a room full of bitter civil servants who are earning 20% less than they were earning in 2007 and care only for how many years till they hit 40 on the pre-95.

    1. linbinius

      Although the system is an absolute poo show and has been long before he was “in charge” and will long after he leaves…Did he actually do anything? So far? Honest question.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Been getting funding increased by about half a billion each year (over schedule) by being honest about how effed it is.

        While reform is another story, at least he’s fighting for money for his dept.

        1. linbinius

          To be fair, HE didn’t do that. FG and Lab have been in government for 5 years now. The idea that Leo could funnel funds into it by saying publicly what everyone knew but O’ Reilly (for all his faults) was saying “sure it’s grand” is a little naive.

        2. Sherriff Frilly Keane

          And yet
          Funding isn’t or wasn’t the actual problem
          It is was a by-problem
          That has now just taken us all over

  3. Kieran NYC

    Odd placing of the headline there on the INYT.

    Also – bizarre to see Ronaldo semi-‘outed’. Leaving aside the horribleness of outing someone for a moment, they must have balls of steel to run such a story. Or insane lawyers. I don’t think that headline is weaselly enough that they’d get away with it.

    1. linbinius

      The story “broke” about Ronaldo on some rubbish Spanish gossip site apparently. All just rumors and everyone is just reporting on the alleged nonsense. It’s Badr Hari ffs…

      If it is true *giggle* Ronaldo is def a bottom who enjoys extreme punishment….The man is an animal.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Yeah. Nothing provable, and they’ve nailed their colours too close to the mast for them to just try excuse it as ‘reporting on the reports’. Very odd one.

  4. linbinius

    Bwwahahaha Jim Corr tries to ease his way back into the public eye by claiming he was pissed…
    We won’t forget Jim. Unless they make us with their chem-trails and telepathic mind control rays.

    The sisters have still got it though…

  5. Joe cool

    So. Jim corr gets a free pass? Now that the corrs are back, all his tin foil hat sh*** is down to being fond of a beer or 2? Is he attending the terry prone school of p.r.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Good to see the rehabilitation of Bertie Ahern is continuing with an excellent and incisive article in the Irish Times.
    Ahern was a great leader for Ireland,respected throughout Europe and hugely influential in the NI peace process.
    He also improved the lot of many ordinary Irish people considerably.
    Trouble is ungrateful Paddy is happy to get his snout in the trough during the good times but doesn’t want to take the hit during the bad without blaming someone else.
    Ahern is a giant compared to the pygmy European lapdog who currently runs this country.
    Mind you I’ll never forgive his sartorial faux pas with that canary yellow suit.

          1. Anne

            Ok, we’ll continue..

            Fingers Fingleton – ‘loan’ for Celia Larkin.
            B/T account. House in Drumcrondra. No bank account.

            Won it at the horses.
            Book keeper for the nuns – children’s hospital.
            Gobsh*te in a cupboard.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Yet strangely the country kept voting him in.
      Much like they did Charlie Haughey.
      Oh they love it when the boys bring them good times and their property is going up in value by €100K every year and they’re on three holidays a year.
      But when the going gets tough poor pissed Paddy stamps his wellington boots because his missus in caked orange make-up keeps clipping him around the ear and moaning because they didn’t put anything away for a rainy day.
      And it just has to be SOMEBODY ELSES’S fault.
      Suck it up Paddies – your greed got the better of you and you reverted to the bog-trotters you originally were.
      And now you’re in hock to Europe,kow-towing to the demands of faceless bureaucrats and poor pissed Paddy is back in servitude where deep down he’s most happy.

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