15 thoughts on “To Land Or Not To Land

    1. Ms Piggy

      This is just a guess, but he was obviously having trouble keeping the wings straight – and presumably the closer to the ground you get, the more likely that a wing wobble will end up scraping the ground. So I guess he aborted the landing cos he didn’t feel he could hold it flat. Pilots have nerves of steel!

    2. neil

      A gust of wind towards the aircraft has the same effect as speeding the plane up: more air over the wings, more lift. It looks like that’s what happened, as the aircraft starts floating back up after the mains first touch down. At that point, they’re a good bit further down the runway, and there may not be enough runway to come to a stop if they get another gust after touching down again. Safest thing to do is reject the approach and go around for another attempt.

    1. eoin hurley

      Eddie Stobart is dead. in fact they are making a movie about his life. I’ve seen the trailer.

    1. Pedantic Pat

      No it isn’t. Aside from the fact that there’s no such thing as a Dash 80, you probably mean a Dash 8. Aer Lingus don’t operate any Dash 8s.

      It’s a Stobart Air ATR 72

  1. realPolithicks

    A few years ago I was flying back to Boston from a trip to Dublin with my kids. Usually as you are approaching Logan airport you get a very good view of the city similar to flying into Dublin. This day however was totally overcast, you couldn’t see a thing. So we’re descending to the airport and I’m looking out the window expecting to see the ground, down down, nothing nothing, still going down, nothing. All of a sudden the pilot guns the engines and we go into what feels like a steep ascent. Now I have my two young teenage kids with me so I’m trying to play it real cool, but inside I’m thinking the worst. We spent another 20 very tense minutes in the air, not a word from the pilot or crew. When we eventually landed there was a huge cheer from the very relieved passengers, and a few people heading off to change their underwear,

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