Hold Your Breath And Count To Ten



This morning.

Attempting to purchase Adele Dublin concert tickets (top) and Ticketmaster’s inscrutable captcha..

Mushypea writes:

@TicketmasterIre How is this captcha acceptable? They’re all impossible to read…

Adele fans up in arms over two hour wait for presale tickets (now sold out) to 3Arena Dublin gigs (Independent.ie)


AdelleAdelle 2

Anon writes:

This is mad… Adele tickets sold for between €55 to €125 approximately on Ticketmaster earlier this morning and already they are on sale on Ticketmaster ‘Seatwave’ reseller site for up to €850!

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  1. Murtles

    Indo link broke. I’m beside meself with worry now wondering what’s going………..SQUIRRELL!!!!!

  2. munkifisht

    Adele me hoop indeed, but what’s particularly annoying is ticketmaster’s new policies of fupping the customers in even worse ways than they used to. I remember in the late 90s as ticket sales online became the new norm, ticketmaster was up in arms about touts demanding the law be changed so touting was made illegal. Most I think would agree a good move. Of course nothing ever happened on that front, but who would have thought ticketmaster would be the biggest touts going 2 decades later. Ticketmaster have been implicated around the world in holding back a set number of tickets so they can tout them on seatwave and GetmeIn.

    Ireland is so backward when it comes to ticket sales it’s depressing. In the UK it is the norm (and I think a legal requirement) that depending on the size of the gig, more than one ticket seller will be available so there is some competition, and it works, you can get a small saving if you shop around (the insane “handling charge” is generally wiped for example).

    1. Annie

      On rare and celebration worthy occasions some tickets can be purchased at tickets.ie with zero gouging. Equally noteworthy is the super site toutless.ie

  3. Art Vandelay

    Wait till you see the service charge that seatwave charge! Even though its same company and they already charged for on on the original ticket. Streamlined scalping! I love MCD.

          1. ryry

            MCD/ Livenation/ Festival Republic… They are all wrapped up together. May as well be the same company. And I believe Live Nation own Ticketmaster. As well as producing the tours and owning most of the venues it makes for a very lucrative stranglehold on the live music scene.
            Imagine, you sign an artist in a 360 tour deal, supply the crew, venues, ticket seller, sell the drinks and food

            From the IT: “But the bigger picture also deserves a good, hard look. Live Nation also controls ticket agency Ticketmaster which means they’re raking in the cash from punters’ entertainment spent at every turn.”

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Oh, oh, oh… I can’t wait, I really can’t wait…….. for the big tear jerking apology from Adelle that’ll be all over Sky News and all the really cool radio stations here like FM104 and 98… and then everyone will gather together, on the streets and in their cars and cry and forgive and cry again. Oh it’ll be so sweet and saccharine …with a hint of tear salt.

    Lovely. Just absolutely lovely… sure, isn’t the world so wonderfully bright and sunny and everyone in it too :)


    * Joins the six Smurfs in the kitchen for the Macarena *

  5. Sido

    How come some sites have easy “Captchas” and other sites have mega difficult “Captchas”. Is it coz “Bots” are learning to read Captchas or what.


  6. Lordblessusandsaveus

    “Jacinta, start saving up the children’s allowance money. We’re gonna need ih for dem Adele tickets”

    1. Neilo

      You like your music, BB: are you a fan of Teena Marie? The blue-eyed soul diva’s blue-eyed soul diva.

        1. Neilo

          The Motown Greatest Hits compilation that’s about 20 years old is a good place to start. I’d recommend YouTubing Just A Sucka For Your Love or Portuguese Love first. If you like those, you may wish to explore further. The La Dona record from 2003-2004 is good, too.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    I’m so upset that I’m going to write a few albums full of how I was dumped by Ticketmaster but look at me now. I HAVE AN OSCAR AND I’M RICH, how are you doing?

    Altogether now… “At de Scaffold…”

  8. Bruncvik

    I’m heading to the Andre Rieu concert tonight. Ticketmaster didn’t even sell the tickets – they used a different ticketing service. That didn’t stop them from claiming the concert was sold out (it wasn’t) and offering second-hand tickets for more than twice the price. For second-hand tickets, the guy at the corner behind the venue is more trustworthy than Seatwave.

      1. Bruncvik

        I don’t have a TV. I’m aware that it’s a TV station, but never actually watched it. Or any other TV station, save for the occasional game at the pub.

  9. Anomanomanom

    As said already ticketmaster is one giant ticket tout site. I was logged in from 8:30, refreshed the page at exactly 8:55 no problems then 8:58 the site went mental and refreshed it’s self till 9:01 but I got through and got 4 tickets. Exactly 9:02 I went to get another 2, I meant to buy 6, and seat wave have are selling them for €555.

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