“I Didn’t See RTÉ Promote Anything Else With Such Gusto”



Fine Gael TD Jim Daly

Further to RTÉ Investigates.

Fine Gael deputy Jim Daly urges caution.

“I border on resenting since I came up [from West Cork] here how the agenda is set by the media continuously and I find it very difficult to understand and I think, if anything it is eroding our reputation and our democracy and how this house works is reactive pandering to the agenda set by the media.

I mean in fairness to Morning Ireland they even admitted that they call it “setting the agenda for the day” and we in this House [Dáil] go off on a, on a tangent following whatever the media are talking about, and the first thing that struck me when I saw this motion [a proposal by the Social Democrats to set up an anti-corruption agency] I was saying ‘God that’s very curious timing’ the day after following the programme on RTÉ last night but that was the most hyped programme.

…I didn’t see the programme I must confess at this stage but it was the most hyped and sensationalised and advertised, I didn’t see RTÉ promote anything with such gusto as they promoted that last week and here we are again in this House just reacting, doing the same thing reacting to the same agenda led by the editors outside in Montrose.

Maybe we should hand over the order of business to the editors outside in Montrose, and let them dictate the pace of, and what we discuss here.”

Jim Daly, Fine Gael TD on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

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47 thoughts on ““I Didn’t See RTÉ Promote Anything Else With Such Gusto”

  1. Bubbles

    Is he really saying that exposing corruption and discussing it at a parliamentary level “is eroding our reputation and our democracy”?
    If we ignored it everything would be fine?

    1. kellma

      also i distinctly remember the SDs talking about an anti-corruption body way before this story broke….

      1. Otis Blue

        He’s a lickspittle for Kenny. Always out to bat when FG have run for cover.

        An oleaginous moron, the height of whose ambition is some obscure junior ministry. Disappointment beckons.

  2. Nigel

    I heard that. Sets out his priorities, anyway. There was another clip earlier in the week of McIlvenney from a Pat Kenny show after one of the floods a few years ago where he talked about not wanting councillors to be demonised for all the building on flood plains, and demanded that planners be demonised instead. I think pretty much every politician that talks mainly about how the vast majority of politicians and councillors are honest and shouldn’t be tarred with the same feather can probably be automatically assumed to be corrupt. Non-corrupt politicians would be howling for reform first and foremost.

  3. scottser

    ‘the agenda is set by the media’

    careful now jim, you’ll be getting a letter from DOBs solicitors..

  4. Nigel

    Maybe we should hand over the order of business to the editors outside in Montrose, and let them dictate the pace of, and what we discuss here.

    I think even the worst of RTE’s detractors might allow that it could be an improvement.

  5. Nigel

    I mean, the antics on the program might make you mad, but it’s responses like this that really are the turd icing on the shitecake.

  6. ReproBertie

    The man clearly doesn’t watch RTÉ if he thinks the promotion of this programme was anything special but sure the main thing is that we shoot the messenger.

    1. Charley

      Messenger shooting seems to be the response to any form of scandal, we really are a twisted little country

  7. Fergus the magic postman

    Also we all knew the proposal by the Sopcial Democrats to set up an anti-corruption agency was coming, well before the RTE program.

    FG party members would argue that black is white when it suits them, & if they are pulled up on it they immediately display their contempt.

  8. meadowlark

    How fupping dare he. Really. I am no fan of RTE, and fair play to their investigation team as regards this, but how dare he imply that the media is to blame for this. All they have done is to show precisely the scale of corruption and how ingrained it is in Irish politics. There needs to be accountability, not some inept fumbling on the part of the government to save face. Man up.

  9. Junkface

    Yeeaaaah, reporting and exposing corruption in our Political system is bringing down our democracy and reputation [slow hand clap]

    Give that man a bag of Sterling!

  10. Rugbyfan

    another schoolteacher turned politician.
    No accountability for performance in either job it would seem!

  11. phil

    I suspect this means they will vote against the Social Democrats bill tonight , because of RTE … but really for party political reasons

    1. Neilo

      People who were heartily sick of the never-ending free advertising for the Toy Show during November would beg to differ on Dep. Daly’s assessment of RTE’s gusto for promotion.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      It’ll get voted down with the excuse that it’s a Private Member’s bill and the never get approved. Mark my words.

  12. Kdoc

    They wouldn’t have to ‘react’ if the appropriate laws were on the statute book in the first place.

  13. rotide

    If only he had said these words in front of a mirror and listened to himself he might have saved embarassment all round

  14. Eoin

    What kind of utter CLOWN would step out into the media spotlight and present such an absurd statement with a straight face? RTE has been an establishment mouthpiece since it’s launch. They’ve only done this documentary because they’ve been getting so much flak over their blatant bias recently. I’ve been amazed to hear FG/ Lab politicians actually accuse RTE of bias against THEM. That’s just pure Orwellian doublespeak. Jim Daly has just advertised how out of touch he is with peoples thinking. He’s trying to distract us from the REAL point here (by blaming RTE). He’s also telling us he thinks we’re all stupid enough to fall for the distraction. He is also be sending a warning to whistle blowers. Expose a potential crime and you’ll be attacked from the highest offices in the land. Whistle blowing should ALWAYS be embraced and NEVER attacked. So obvious that it shouldn’t have to be stated. Still, FG/ Lab must be really worried now. Attacking whistle blowers is pretty desperate stuff. If they’d any sense they’d have set up and inquiry and buried it. Instead they had to take the unacceptable step of trying to demonize whistle blowers. Pure FG/ Lab scum. Should all be banned from holding office.

  15. Tish Mahorey

    I think Jim Daly is projecting.

    I thought the government set the media agenda by agreeing all questions and callers in advance on shows like O’Rourke’s Today?

      1. ahjayzis

        Don’t mind him, it’s just his way.

        He still calls eir Telecom Eireann and the junior cert the inter cert.

    1. Saint Paul

      Saint Paul says he also saw the word ‘border’ and it bordered on driving him barking mad like a border collie on uppers.

  16. nellyb

    These here who are in his constituency (if any) should send him polite email not to canvass your household and not get the leaflets through the door. Unless you want some face time with Jim.

  17. Gaoithe

    But when they came to Montrose,
    They suddnely came to a stop
    For they met with the boys of the column
    Who made a clean sweep of the lot.

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