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Anne-Marie McNally, of the Social Democrats, writes:

“This is a come-along event, no tickets required, all welcome on the evening. We’ll be talking about how we can and should do things differently – how do we make politics serve the people rather than the golden circle of the same faces and names that keep cropping up; and how do we develop and implement proper transparency with real accountability in a way that allows people to trust the system? I’ll open up, Catherine Murphy will speak, followed by Fintan O’Toole, then I’ll close.”

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Policy Night

Evil FIFA overlords Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini have been banned from all football related activities for eight years.


FIFA Ethics Committee Statement via Rob Harris



A shook, unshaven, be-plastered Sepp Blatter this morning.

Blatter: ‘Sorry I am still somewhere a punching ball’ (BBC)


Fine Gael TD Jim Daly

Further to RTÉ Investigates.

Fine Gael deputy Jim Daly urges caution.

“I border on resenting since I came up [from West Cork] here how the agenda is set by the media continuously and I find it very difficult to understand and I think, if anything it is eroding our reputation and our democracy and how this house works is reactive pandering to the agenda set by the media.

I mean in fairness to Morning Ireland they even admitted that they call it “setting the agenda for the day” and we in this House [Dáil] go off on a, on a tangent following whatever the media are talking about, and the first thing that struck me when I saw this motion [a proposal by the Social Democrats to set up an anti-corruption agency] I was saying ‘God that’s very curious timing’ the day after following the programme on RTÉ last night but that was the most hyped programme.

…I didn’t see the programme I must confess at this stage but it was the most hyped and sensationalised and advertised, I didn’t see RTÉ promote anything with such gusto as they promoted that last week and here we are again in this House just reacting, doing the same thing reacting to the same agenda led by the editors outside in Montrose.

Maybe we should hand over the order of business to the editors outside in Montrose, and let them dictate the pace of, and what we discuss here.”

Jim Daly, Fine Gael TD on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

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Eoin Neylon, president of Fianna Fáil’s youth section

Following last night revelations of local councillors on the take, including two Fianna Fáil members….

Eoin Neylon president of Ográ Fianna Fail writes:

The saddest thing about the Prime Time special is that it will serve to put off more young people from getting involved in politics. What is needed is exactly the opposite however. Only by standing up for high moral and ethical standards can you hope to have them implemented.

Only by asking the tough questions where it matters will things change. That is why Ógra’s five representatives to the Fianna Fáil Ard Chomhairle will be proposing the immediate adoption of measures, including:

An obligation for annual full public publication of all political party accounts;

One single independent oversight body for ethics in public life covering both elected politicians and officials.

Sufficiant staffing of same body to carry out rigorous investigations of declarations akin to those done by RTÉ.

All candidates for election should sign a declaration of interests before the election….


Ográ Fianna Fail

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Your local representative.

On the take.

Laura Fitzgerald writes:

The programme will reveal the extent and nature of breaches [of ethics legislation] across the political system. As a result of RTÉ’s investigation, a number of politicians at both council and Oireachtas level have already corrected the record. The programme also focuses on particular cases where evidence of direct conflicts of interest has been found.

Given the scale and, in some in some cases, the severity of non-declarations, the investigation narrowed to concentrate on a select number of councillors. An RTÉ undercover investigative reporter contacted these people. The programme will broadcast footage from these meetings and will reveal requests for personal rewards to carry out work as a public representative….

RTÉ Investigates – Standards in Public Office, Monday December 7 at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.


Earlier, at a meeting of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, Labour TD for Dublin South-Central Eric Byrne asked the Nigerian ambassador to Ireland, Her Excellency Mrs Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu about emigration, youth unemployment, inequality  and the role successive governments have played in corruption.

*collapses in coughing fit*


Rezoning plans (top) and an extract from the Moriarty Tribunal Report

Actio Non Accrevit writes:

“The NAMA Act 2009 as amended by Section 25 of the Finance Act 2010 provided that where land was sold on or after 30 October 2009, and the land in question had been re-zoned since 30 October 2009, then CGT at a rate of 80% applied to any increase in the market value of the land which is attributable to rezoning, which could not be offset against capital losses incurred on the disposal of other assets.

This was known as the Windfall Tax and was applauded by Justice Michael Moriarty in his tribunal findings as a dramatic measure to reduce corruption.

One little-discussed change in Budget 2015 was the repeal of this tax, which had been been strongly and persistently criticised by persons working in the property industry as a serious obstacle to the development of new housing. Although they would say that in circumstances where rezoning and greater capital gains made by developers benefit property professionals generally….

However, is this really true in circumstances where there is already no shortage of land zoned for residential development? According to the  Society of Chartered Surveyors there is already enough land zoned for housing in greater Dublin to build 100,000 dwellings.

What is clear is that the ‘windfall tax’ has been quietly abolished and the risk of rezoning corruption is back on the table again. The more people who know about this, the better chance we have of preventing such corruption…Thank you.”

Thanks Ossian Smyth

pee2 From left: Sculptor Richard Enda King, Councillor Seán Walsh and Pádraig Flynn

On this day in 1989, Minister for the Environment Pádraig Flynn unveiled a new sculpture ‘Spirit of The Air’ to be installed at Dublin Airport.

1989 was the same year developer Tom Gilmartin wrote a cheque for £50,000 as a donation to Fianna Fáil as suggested by Pádraig Flynn. The cheque never made it to Fianna Fáil HQ and was subsequently discovered by the Mahon tribunal that it was used to buy a 100-acre farm in north Mayo by Mr Flynn’s wife, Dorothy.

He was then made our European Commissioner.

Good times.

Watch here.

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