41 thoughts on “Christmas Appeal

      1. newsjustin

        Operating profit up to 8 grand. Dizzying heights!

        The turnover of 220K is the important figure I guess. Modest enough for a group that’s, according to commentators here, up to its eyes in US money. About half an IFA annual salary.

        1. Martin Heavy-Guy

          I wouldn’t mind if someone gave me €220K to spout nonsense from a podium.

          Can anyone spare some small change?

  1. manolo

    Why are donations to these people tax deductible? Government lobbying and religious propaganda should never be recognised as a charitable activity.

    1. :-Joe

      VOTE FOR COMMON SENSE – VOTE manolo !!!…….

      How do we get the “IONA” acronym back and ban these clowns from being able to use it?

      Just post them your old underpants or a fresh turd in an airtight bag…

      Xmass is a time for giving.


    2. Cian

      On that basis, would you remove charitable status from An Taisce? They do rather a lot of government lobbying. As for that matter do VdP…

  2. Ms Piggy

    Aside from the obvious responses (most of which wouldn’t get through BS’s filter) I’m intrigued by just how modest their expectations are. Expecting at best, 200 people to give €50 each. I give that to the donkey sanctuary in Donegal at Christmas (a far more worthy cause obviously, and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for an animal charity to donate to), and I would imagine that another 199 people do to. And much as I love donkeys, I find it interesting that the Iona Institute, supposed bastion of Ireland’s moral fibre, doesn’t expect to reach more people and raise more cash than that. It suggests that a) they’re a very minority sport indeed or b) they’re actually funded from other, richer sources. Or possibly both? :-)

    1. :-Joe

      Ye, the are funded and supported by religious fundamentalist groups from the US and elsewhere,,,

      If you search this site there’s previously been loads of links to all sorts of religious based financial chicanery….

      I’m baking a big fat turd pie just to smack that muppet David Quinn square in the face with it.


      1. rory

        I think Ms Piggy knew that, but your knowledge of current affairs impresses me. You’re a smart guy. I wouldn’t be pooing in pies though.

      1. Anne

        They’re probably trying to raise more.. they’re being modest about it. They probably won’t send back anything over the 10k like.

        And eh, much wants more?

        1. newsjustin

          They’re doing pretty well to have the level of visibility they have on a budget of just over 200K. I’m sure you’re right, any organisation would want more.

          1. Nially

            Well, they represent an increasingly minority view on a whole range of social issues, and as such are basically the only people available whenever a media outlet needs to fulfil its mandated quota of “balance”. Seriously, if it weren’t for Iona, who on earth would RTE have been able to find to speak against same-sex marriage on any of the ‘debates’ in the runup to that? They have a disproportionate voice because they’re the only ones spouting their nonsense; that’s not a point in their favour.

  3. phil

    If you are looking for money it would be useful to publish your accounts so we can be sure you are in need…

  4. meadowlark

    Between this and the Lowry Christmas Canvassing, I’m feeling a bit Scrooge-like now. Bah humbug.

  5. Truth in the News

    How come they don’t get finance from the Vatican, they also own a lot of
    property and what was done with the 85k that RTE paid, and then its a private
    company called an “Institute” with a charity number , and a donation for
    Christmas is needed.

  6. Lorcan Nagle

    Alternately, members of the Abortion Rights Campaign will be singing pro-choice variations on christmas carols at the GPO from 6-7 for the anniversary of the C-case, if anyone wants to join us.

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        Sorry, it’s this evening. I’m becoming adept at leaving one important detail out of every arrangement I make recently…

  7. ahjayzis

    Notice how nowhere in their aims does it suggest Iona actually conduct research.

    They ‘commission’ research – dodgy phone polls usually.

    In most jurisdictions this omission would preclude them from using the term ‘Institute’.
    But in Ireland five or six a$$holes obsessed with everyone else’s sex lives can throw one together and get privileged tax status.

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