Is Your Body A Funderland?



With TWO family passes to Winter Funderland at the RDS Simmonscourt, Ballsbridge, Dublin  4 to give away we asked: What was your most memorable Funderland experience?

You answered in your tens.

Runners up:

Al: ‘I have to say my most memorable Funderland experience was looking forward to my mother’s reasons for why were couldn’t go this year….’

Cosmic: ‘My most memorable Funderland experience was hanging upside down 100 feet in the air on some ominiously named ride with a bunch of spike haired goths in the 1980s, shouting the words to the “Our Father” backwards much to the annoyance of everyone around me.’

Boba Fettucine: ‘It’s a fact that these competitions are always won on the basis of length, detail and cloying sentimentality of response (the more emigration, dying parents and paddywhackery that can be worked in the better). Don’t expect to see the Broadsheet Prize for pithy copyrighting at the Kinsale awards [Irish ad gongs]. Having said that, I’ll give it a go to allow them the opportunity to redeem themselves: I have to say my most memorable Funderland experience was that time a few years back when that thing happened and those people were there.’

Mark: ‘I have to say my most memorable Funderland experience was having to get my braces cut loose from my girlfriend’s braces after our first kiss on the Carousel over 30 years ago. If I win I’ll bookface her to see if she wants to relive the memory.’

Nice Anne (Dammit): ‘My most memorable Funderland experience was killing myself laughing at this pair of eeiits who were trapped in a snog with each other as each of their braces got caught up…’


Paul M:
‘I have to say my most memorable Funderland experience was watching a young kid at a stall hit the target with a crossbow. The chap running the stall took the crossbow to reload it, turned his back and bashed the already wonky crosshair sight further off centre. He gleefully handed it back to the kid who then proceeded to hit the bullseye once again and win the prize.’

Frilly Keane: ‘My must memorable Funderland experience was back in 2002’s first days, handed the lad a fresh from the press tenner, got change from a fifty. Bate that.’

Thanks all

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5 thoughts on “Is Your Body A Funderland?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Enjoy yer seizure

      I’m too busy to worry about ya

      I need ta’ decide whether to go to the Circus before the Ice Skating or after. I’m thinking after

      Then the rollercoaster
      And again
      And again
      And again

      I might end up giving myself a seizure
      You might come in handy then

      Ya smart arse prick ya

      1. Murtles

        Remember the only way to ride a roller coaster is full to the gills with pints of Guinness and straight after a curry cheese chips. Sit at the front for maximum effect.

  1. Frilly Keane

    Many many thanks lads
    I’ll try and not make a show ov’ ye

    BTW. I’m on a bit’ve a run
    Won the Milk Tray in the Credit Union raffle, a beauty hamper in the bank raffle, and a tea cosy in the local school craft fair, and the Christmas Cake in the Parish Hall Bazaar.

    Lotto ….. Any minute now

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