Meanwhile, In Mayo



Shell gas refinery in Bellanaboy, Co. Mayo

RTÉ reports:

“The Minister for Communication, Energy and Natural Resources has given final approval to Shell to operate the Corrib gas pipeline and terminal in Co Mayo.”

In a statement this evening, Alex White confirmed that he had given consent subject to 20 conditions relating to environmental management, operation, control and monitoring at the terminal.”

It is expected the first gas could be brought ashore as soon as tomorrow.

“The decision to grant permission to operate the gas pipeline and terminal comes almost 20 years after gas was first discovered off the west coast of Ireland.”

Final approval for Corrib gas pipeline in Co Mayo (RTÉ News)

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21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Mayo

    1. eoin hurley

      it might stop the digging up of our bogs. The worst CO2 producers and also natural drainage areas. Nevermind the wonderful wildflowers and animal life they hold. Independent Tds take note.

      1. Cian

        With the cost to date getting the scheme online and the massive fall in wholesale gas prices, there isn’t going to be profit for a bloody long time

        The idiots who scream about “owning our gas/oil” don’t seem to realise that there is next to no exploration in Ireland as its too bloody dear.

        We don’t tax oil/gas extraction because there is practically none. If it becomes viable to do so we can start taxing it immediately.

  1. Panty Christ

    If sHell have invested €3b to date to put the operation in plaice, there must be gasillions of dollars worth out there

    1. Bobby

      They write off everything at the State’s expense. All works related to Erris in fact, even if the work was being carried out abroad. 0% too, really, 0..

      Ray Burke. Bertie Ahern.

  2. Illuminati16

    Plenty of supportive comments from the happy nimby brigade because this one is ‘not in their back yard’

    1. Cian

      More a case that most of the opposition was from the regular NIMBY brigade and most of Mayo don’t care. The anti-Shell TDs and candidates did incredibly badly in the 07 and 11 GEs, for starters.

      1. Bobby

        You sound like you really know what was going on the last 10 years, you must have been stressed out keeping so well informed with the elections, the epicentre of all life as we know it.

        What candidates ran by the way? I remember the people in Aughoose, Glengad and especially Rossport becoming very hostile towards electoralism in general, and the courts, police, and basically the whole functioning of the state. The were also amazing at linking international and national struggles, environmentalism, class issues, agriculture, social and legal rights, state and corporate corruption etc with each other, as far I had remembered. But sure who do I think I am lecturing you, you were just getting started here I see, so why don’t you tell us more about the people that lived by the pipeline.

  3. Truth in the News

    How come Shell built a huge complex in Bellagelly South covering an area of
    800 by 600 Mts on a excavated bog, bored a tunnel 16 feet in diameter 70 foot
    under the bay for 8Km to accomodate raw gas and discharge pipes a fraction
    of the tunnel diameter and then haven’t to back filled the bore, this indicates what
    that there are other gas and oil resources no to far off shore, to expend all they
    have on this terminal for such a short life would be questionable, what else is
    hidden from public scrutiny, the Kinsale gas offshore processing is only a fraction
    of the size of the Bellagelly facility, also noticable is that Google Earth have obscured the site from their online portal, could we all have the same courtesty
    from Google in having our property deleted too.

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