Can’t Think Of A Caption – Canoe?



This afternoon

Thomastown, Co Kilkenny

Eamonn writes:

Tanaiste and Minister for Social Welfare Joan Burton takes an aborted canoe trip with junior minister for Rural Affairs Ann Phelan to view damage caused to the home of Chem Caulfield on the [Kilkenny] Quays. Unfortunately during the trip, the canoe capsised and the two ministers ended up in the flood water which was a couple of feet deep. The canoe was being towed by Mr. Caulfield.

(Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews)

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62 thoughts on “Can’t Think Of A Caption – Canoe?

      1. ABM

        Please God, the i-phone is OK. If not, I’m sure the Department of Social Protection can source a new one for her.

    1. Marian

      How convenient for little miss adventurer that there are two men in blue shirts on hand to rescue her.

  1. Soft like

    It was a foot of water, what was she doing in the canoe. She is such a little princess, what next for Joan maybe charge the canoe puller with bad pulling technique. What could she spin this charge into, attempted drowning!!!

    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Yep, look at her, bet onto the gunwales with a death grip, staring at the boat, not the horizon. No paddle to balance. So much fail.

  2. george

    It was a very bad idea to have the Tánaiste and a TD being towed about by a member of the public like Marie Antoinette.

  3. eoin hurley

    Don’t show the pictures where she helped the other lady get out of the water. Vote Flanagan and Fitzmaurice – keep digging those bogs up.

    1. Anne

      “Don’t show the pictures where she helped the other lady get out of the water.”

      There’d be higher levels of water in a bath.. go way our that.
      It was up to her ankles.

      That’s what the old wizen gets for the photo op.. coz that’s all it was. Sea hag.

  4. jeanclaudetrichet

    The only true austerity in this country is the paucity of wit as evidenced on here. So there. Happy new year.

  5. rotide

    Joan River is the obvious one but it was done about 10,000 times on facebook before this was posted:(

  6. Hashtag McMór

    @Labour Up Sh!t Creek. That’s 7% for you. Is Caulfield going to be arrested by the Gardai? Surprised she needed a canoe and didn’t walk…

  7. Hashtag McMór

    Was handler dick Ed Brophy there or was he holding Burton’s expensive phones for her in case they got wet?

  8. Truth in the News

    This was a Labour Party photo opportunity that did not float, it flopped
    in Irish Water, and it will eventually swamp them, who dreamt up towing
    a canoue in about 4 inches of water, and the occupants are in charge of the
    aptly named Depts of Social Protection….and Rural Matters
    Has it ever dawned on those in charge of the Office of Public Works and the
    ESB that if they don’t deepen and maintain rivers and properly manage headroom
    at ESB Hydro Dams to accomodate excess rain fall it will go on.
    Kenny saw the Shannon yesterday, has he asked himself what contribution
    does 80 foot dam on the Shannon couple miles from Limerick make to water
    levels right up to Leitrim, surely it has hit Simon Harris by now or has it.
    Our political leaders would do well to treat water as a dangerous medium, as
    it will swamp them.

  9. Frilly Keane

    Stupid B1tches

    They must be the laziest and most useless wimin in Ireland

    Frank is the 6th storm in as many weeks, and these two dopes are looking like tis the first they heard if it.

    Rain Gear?

    FFS. Yere hardly on a budget ladies.
    An’ there ye are, arses in a Canadian like yere on holidays.
    Buoyancy Aids are just for the ordinary people huh Minister?

    The sooner you and yours are û(ked out the better
    for all of us.

    An’ what I wouldn’t have given to see rats swimming alongside ye

  10. Nigel

    Here’s to swimmin’ with photo-op women.

    (I don’t like her, but geez, though – serious situation, silly but harmless set-up, brief splash BOOM all front pages and the castigation – who’d be a politician?)

  11. Brian Shaler

    It’s good to see Joan can find the funny side.She does realise the absolute misery that people are actually going through.What a complete CxxxxxxUxxxxxNxxxxxxxT.

  12. Pip

    The Cotswolds have Bourton On The Water – delightful village.
    We have Burton In The Water – ?

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