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This morning in Clifden, Co Galway.

Flooding in Connemara as rainfall warning issued for northwest (RTE)



At Millerstown, Kilcock, on the border of counties Kildare and Meath.

Ken writes:

“We told them it was on a floodplain but they ignored us. We pointed out that the site was listed as such on the Government website floodmaps.ie and they said sure we’ll make them put in a tank.

“Meath County Council have a lot of questions to answer. €500,000 for a five-bed and situated near two rivers and a canal. Free swimming pool on rainy days.”


Yesterday: Soft Day


Computer nerds?


From left: Cabinet members Alex White, Simon Coveney, Enda Kenny, Joan Burton, Alan Kelly and Simon Harris this lunchtime


Help is on its way (should this kind of thing happen again).

The set up of a Flood Management Co-Ordination and Implementation Group is among the matters discussed at a crisis summit at Government Buildings this afternoon

The new group would co-ordinate the local flood management plans for 66 different towns and settlements along the Shannon which are vulnerable to flooding.

Junior minister Simon Harris says other measures being discussed today include funding for a long-term weather forecasting system.



Govt discuss setting up national flood forecasting system to avoid future floods along Shannon (Irish Examiner)

Earlier: I Love Rain


Enda Kenny finally emerges to review the storm crisis that has been ongoing for over a month. When he does so, he and his friends share a joke as one unfurls an umbrella printed with the words “I love rain” (January 1st). There are many who do not love the rain, many for whom the floods of the last number of weeks have caused personal devastation and economic misery.

Cake, anyone?

Paul Kelly,
Co Dublin.

Responding to flooding crisis (Irish Times letters page)


Said Enda by the floods in Athlone
As the people there cried out ‘ochón’
Mayor Tom with your brolly
In this season of jolly,
To the haterz just say… ‘póg mo thón’

Mícheal Ó Diarmada


This afternoon

Thomastown, Co Kilkenny

Eamonn writes:

Tanaiste and Minister for Social Welfare Joan Burton takes an aborted canoe trip with junior minister for Rural Affairs Ann Phelan to view damage caused to the home of Chem Caulfield on the [Kilkenny] Quays. Unfortunately during the trip, the canoe capsised and the two ministers ended up in the flood water which was a couple of feet deep. The canoe was being towed by Mr. Caulfield.

(Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews)



Laura Gaynor writes:

Yesterday I got one of the first Carrick On Shannon [Co Leitrim]  trains since the floods! At times it is close to a 45 degree angle and water on both sides of the train. I was a little afraid we would topple into the Shannon. The wifi is still working though which is great…

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