24 thoughts on “If You Could Use Some Exotic Booze

  1. Starina

    Can you pleeeeease stop posting this guy’s videos. every time i see his hideous visage I’m reminded of being subjected to terrible chat-up lines in some dank corner of Fibber’s.

    1. Bob

      It’s the fake accounts pretending that it’s funny/interesting that annoys me. Most people would find better things to do.

      I had thought that the start of the new year would bring a post by Broadsheet saying how it was all a big joke they were playing on us. Sadly, that didn’t happen. :(

    2. Fatmess

      I don’t think the lad is funny either. But no one is forcing you to watch him. Just scroll past. It’s not hard to do you know.

      1. Bob

        There’s plenty of unfunny stuff on the internet. But Broadsheet aren’t constantly showing all of it, despite the negative responses. It’s very odd that they still seem the champion these with no explanation.

        Even if they said “This is a mate of ours” it would make more sense and be more appropriate for them to keep posting them. It’s not like there’s not a heap of actual interesting stuff happening today.

        1. Fatmess

          Again there is no one forcing you to watch the video. Who cares if they post his videos. Other than sad cases like yourself.

  2. The Old Boy

    What the blazes is the story with the battery unfamiliar accounts turning up in the comments section of these dreadful videos? We may have nothing better to do, but surely you do.

    1. jonotti

      LJG is unemployed and trying to make a bit of pocket money by posting videos with 2000 views. You have to admire his enterprising nature.

      1. meadowlark

        Maybe that’s the case and if it is fair play to him and good luck. But it’s clear that the broadsheet readers/commenters are not appreciative of his videos and perhaps not the best audience.

        1. Saint Paul

          Saint Paul feels the opinions of broadsheet commenters are of so little importance in the cosmos baby

    1. Deluded

      Imagine your sister arrives home with him and she’s all: “Yawwww, we fly out to ‘Vegas tomorrow to kick off the world tour” and you’re all “Yawwww, I remember you from d’Sheet and you were sooooooooo funny, yaww? but none of the squares were hip to your groove”.

  3. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    “Are ya havin that” :-)

    He’s gas, I’m loving these videos…

    …just kidding, these suck.

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