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Your Brass Angel – Trick Mist

Manchester based electonica/tradster Gav of Triick Mist writes:

This is video No.3 from the ‘Gaps Series’. These are videos made for my EP ‘Jars in Rows’ but without my involvement in the process. Multiple artists were invited to respond to a song from the EP and in turn create a reactionary piece of video work based solely on their perception. This video created by video artist, director, editor Graham Patterson features loads of mouths floating around the place. I reckon Samuel Beckett would have definitely buzzed off it! ‘Jars in Rows’ EP is out now.

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One thought on “You May Like This

  1. Eoin Drinan

    That was great!The vocal reminds me of Gavin Friday vs Howie B Singing in the rain with the good vibes of another great Irish band Saint Yorda.More of this please!Great video as well.

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