26 thoughts on “Is This You?

          1. Neilo

            Isn’t there another hereabouts who would plight troth to meadowlark? I foresee a duel of witticisms at dawn between Messrs. Blenkinsop and Mikeyfex.

          2. bertie blenkinsop

            I’m going to borrow Paul Galvin’s wedding suit just as soon as they cut him out of it.

          3. Neilo

            @Meadowlark: I’ll lay off the wedding presents when Bertie lays off the Tories :)

          4. Neilo

            @Bertie: You know Galvin’s wedding whistle would be hyper-directional. Probably have the cuffs on one sleeve sewed shut.

    1. Neilo

      @Bertie: it looks very poorly-tailored. Galvin’s a fit, young man: if he knew better, he’d do better.

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