A comedy festival on the wireless?

Oh go on then.

Maureen Catterston writes:

Comedy Showhouse is a special festival of Irish comedy featuring special radio friendly performances from Irish stars including Seán Hughes, Andrew Maxwell, Deirdre O’Kane, Karl Spain, Aindrias De Staic, Foil Arms & Hog, Fiona Looney, Colm O’Regan and many more.

Produced by Sideline Productions in association with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and new Irish comedy website, more than 40 acts and guests will perform at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin from Sunday January 31st to Sunday February 7th 2016 in 20 shows. On each night two radio performances will be recorded in front of a live audience. The best Irish comedy performers in the The Project Arts Centre over 8 days will be recorded live for RTÉ Radio 1 Tickets are €10 and can be purchased here.

6 thoughts on “Radio Ha Ha

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I remember a routine he did years ago about singing Dexys Midnight Runners at a family party.
      I’ve searched for it for ages but have never been able to locate it.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          No, no I clearly remember Sean Hughes had an argument with my cousin Anto…. oh feck you’re right!

  1. Saint Paul

    Saint Paul feels that comedy and that troupe of woebegotten wastrels are a contradiction in terms.

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