12 thoughts on “Moore Of It

  1. Chris

    Ah the joyful political mine field that is The 1916 Rising. A centenary of winks and nods cast onto a body politic no longer sure who was winking and who was nodding to begin with.

  2. seany_delight

    Im not certain of the historical significance these hold. A failed rebellion surrendered here.
    The GPO was at least symbolically important as a place to begin revolt.

    I lived on Moore street for years until recently, and Im rather glad the place is getting a face lift.
    It’s a very charming street. It wont loose it’s heritage by improvement and removal of some derelict buildings.

      1. Starina

        i used to have to go to Fyffes twice a week to buy stock for the place i worked and I’d see the ladies from Moore St there at 7am — they don’t buy the normal fruit, there’s a corner where Fyffes pile up the spoiled fruits, and it costs a quarter of fresh fruit. The ladies just wipe the mould off and off they go to market. Have never bought fruit or veg on Moore St since.

    1. Trev

      I always find it funny how Irish people are so against celebrating anything to do with Irish independence.

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