37 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. scottser

      the brother lives in wilmslow and he showed me glen whelan’s gaff. i can assure you he does pretty nicely, thank you very much.

  1. Cup of tea anyone?

    Great & thanks. Now I don’t need to buy a tea so I can use the wifi.
    But I will have a cup anyway.


  2. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    TRAVEL TIP: Buy the less expensive ‘Cold Croissant’ and sit on it for 3 minutes. #lifehack #lovindubs #warm

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      A DIFFERENT TRAVEL TIP: Don’t go to a 4 star hotel that loads of celebrities stay in for a pastry and a coffee.

  3. well, tat's that

    This stuff is posted every few weeks. The last one was the Westbury, no? Stop going to luxury hotels and then moaning after the fact. Are you the kind of person that walks around Brown Thomas looking at every price tag, gafawing and elbowing strangers to show them. Luxury is, by it’s very definition, high cost.

    Naive to think it’ll be reasonable or sensibly priced. There’s a Spar with a Costa machine 30 seconds walk from the Gresham.

    1. Murtles

      How very dare you Sir/Madam. It is our perogative, nay, our god given birth right to be morally outraged at high prices and ergo therefore forthwith post said outrage on the International Network. I’d have assumed that this been the year of the centenary celebrations, you’d be with us and not a Guinness (€5.70 in Temple Bar by the way, the thieves).

  4. Cup of tea anyone?

    I’ll tell you the best place for an auld cup of tea on Grafton street.
    It is both reasonably priced AND they use Lyons tea.
    AND you can get the 6th and 10th free.

      1. Cup of tea anyone?

        It wasn’t supposed to be funny.
        Went into this place in the CHQ and ordered a cup of tea once. and I swear they took out something akin to a silk condom, filled it with loose tea, dipped it in the teapot and charged me an arm and a leg for it. It was terrible.
        If you go in to McCafe you get your Lyons tea in a little teapot, and you get two full cups out of it. Why would you be going anywhere else.

        1. meadowlark

          If they used Barry’s tea I’d be won over in a heartbeat. Such as it is, Lyons tastes weak and foolish to me. But that is nothing, NOTHING, in comparison to the utter ditchwater they pass off as tea in Starbucks.

          1. Cup of tea anyone?

            I don’t mind a bit of Barrys. I suppose it is all down to what was in the house when you were growing up.
            Yeah as far as tea goes starbucks is the worst.
            i am not a fan of their coffee either.

          2. scottser

            i suspect that lyons tea has been used before they put into teabags. the amount of baytin and mashin the bag round the mug is ridiculous – lyons really make you work for your tay.

          3. Bertie Blenkinsop

            So now I know you prefer Barrys to Lyons…
            Honestly Meadowlark, at this rate I fear there’ll be no surprises left to discover about you before our honeymoon.
            Apart from your current husband obviously.

          4. meadowlark

            Oh Bertie, I have a big surprise for you come the big day. But I’ve a question for you? How do YOU take your tea?

          5. Frilly Keane

            Be careful
            You might be taybagging with a Blue Shirt

            Me Nanna Lulu might a’drank it
            But she still called if Fine Gael Tay

          6. inPisces

            No unfair
            The whole Lyons Barry rivalry belies an island peasant mentality
            There are far better teas than that

          7. Frilly Keane

            Here InPisses
            Whats this peasants mentality got to do with it

            Its called Fine Geal Tay for a reason

            Yer not a high brow as you’re trying to let on there lad

  5. Condescending Nana

    30 quid for breakfast in a posh London hotel, it’s all about letting the neighbours know about it kid.

    1. Neilo

      The Telegraph, eh? Maith an chailín *beckons Der Hoopmeister over to the dark side with a Cryptkeeper-like claw*

      1. meadowlark

        Stoppit Neilo.

        Don’t even think about corrupting little Hoopie. I’ll set my nana on ya!

  6. P Martin jones

    Where do you guys get the time to banter over something so trivial….me I’m way too busy….

  7. Frilly Keane

    I thought the Gresham closed itself down

    All Ireland weekends
    That’s the only time I’ve known people to be there

    Twas a kip the last time I was there

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