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New York’s new LinkNTC public wifi hubs – currently replacing the city’s old standing phone kiosks. Browse the web and access services on a built in tablet, charge your device via USB and make free calls to anywhere in the US with the Vonage app

The first Installation of a planned 7,500 public hubs is underway and by mid July, at least 500 should be installed thoughout the five boroughs.


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28 thoughts on “Kiosk 2.0

  1. Disasta

    They have 4G in NY no? Takes a massive dump on public WiFi.

    I only said that because I just took one of those dumps where you stand up and actually feel lighter.
    Like you’ve just taken your schoolbag off after a long walk home.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      One of those that make your insides feel clean, like you’ve just scrubbed them in soap? Nice.

    2. Cup of tea anyone?

      They might have 4G in NY but that just means that if I head over for a visit my bill can skyrocket even faster.

      I remember being there there on a J1 and looking for the tourist centre for the free wife.

      Great that they have it everywhere. Probably like in the airport, Free for 30 mins and paying after that.

      1. Saul

        Jaysus! I’m booking my airline ticket now and getting straight down to the NY tourist centre before they run out of stock!

  2. Em-malicious

    I wonder are they also harvesting consumer data or some such. If something’s free then you’re often not the customer, you’re the product.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Yeah, they probably are but then so what? We’re well past the point of no return on that.

      1. Disasta

        I pay for all my services, and I don’t use Google.
        Do Apple and Microsoft do the same?
        I’m sure Sky and Eircom do.

  3. ollie

    So it’s free to use, and the last photo shows an advertisement on the unit.
    Maybe they make money through advertising?

  4. Kieran NYC

    Cool. And I’d actually feel pretty safe having my phone out to charge in most areas of New York, unlike Dublin.

    1. ollie

      Ah damn, I was going to crowdfund to install these in the following locations:

      Marlborough St
      Harbour Court (look it up)
      Liffey Boardwalk
      Old Abbey St

      Mine have a built in urinal and needle disposal facilities

    2. Murtles

      So is there going to be people standing around these things for hours at a time waiting for their phones to charge or is it some sort of a speed charging thingamajiggy.

      1. Andy

        Nah, they go to Starbucks, buy an iced chai-late-mega-chino at 8am and sit in the seat using the wifi and power until the place closes at night!

        They all have Apple MACs and scarves too!
        God forbid you took out the Dell you got for college in 2005!

  5. scottser

    apparently, the 3.5mm headphone jack is next on apple’s redundancy hit list.
    that is the sum of my technological whataboutery.

    1. Disasta

      Ye I’m less and less liking the direction they (Apple) are going with their products. I have had many of their products.

        1. Disasta

          I felt they just improved the connection. Wasn’t a big deal for me.
          Hadn’t bought into a ton of wires or anything.

          But more and more they are making more difficult to use their ecosystem outside what they themselves sell. That’s just being a d!ck.

          Their cloud storage solution is a load of pipe too. Waste pipe.

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