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New York’s new LinkNTC public wifi hubs – currently replacing the city’s old standing phone kiosks. Browse the web and access services on a built in tablet, charge your device via USB and make free calls to anywhere in the US with the Vonage app

The first Installation of a planned 7,500 public hubs is underway and by mid July, at least 500 should be installed thoughout the five boroughs.


hyper-speed-vertical-train-hub-skyscraper-designboom-01hyper-speed-vertical-train-hub-skyscraper-designboom-051 hyper-speed-vertical-train-hub-skyscraper-designboom-03hyper-speed-vertical-train-hub-skyscraper-designboom-02

A conceptual vertical train hub by UK designers Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa which received an honourable mention in eVolo magazine’s skyscraper design competition.

The design – envisaged for a world 60 years hence where the need for high speed transit vies with the limitations of urban space –  flips the horizontal layout of a rail terminal on its end to create a cylindrical mass into which trains arrive hovering above magnetic rails then pivot in the style of ferris wheel carriages as they ascend to platforms within the tower.