Moore As We Get It


This afternoon.

Further to the continuing occupation of buildings linked to 1916 on Moore Street, Dublin 1, a group of demonstrators against demolition works gather to protest – and sing Dublin In The Rare Old Times.

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904047189040472990404726904047249040471690404712This afternoon.

People Before profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett (second pic) and Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald join demonstrators on Moore Street.

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80 thoughts on “Moore As We Get It

  1. Murph Mikey

    The “group” of usual unemployed wasters who protest at anything…..
    get a large bulldozer and just plow them off the street…..

    1. Nessy

      Nice generalisation there, bravo

      I suppose the people who protested against the demolison of Kilmainham Gaol were also low life dole scroungers or up to no good homeless addicts just looking for a place to stay for a night or two

    2. Inopera

      a sad generalisation from someone who is no doubt indifferent to people (not politicians, anyone like that) fighting to keep history alive.

    1. Neilo

      PIRA/Sinn Féin have no apostolic link to 1916. Back to the border, lads, there’s sludge to be poured into rivers.

    1. Sam

      Q1. Will that be your campaign slogan for the upcoming election?

      Q2. Are you sticking with Joni2015 despite the new year?

          1. rotide

            I kinda do. It’s a bit like BS version of the Kardashians.

            God help me but I’m hoping for another revalation along the lines of the ‘3 caps for ireland and a PHD’ bonanza

  2. Custo

    Fair play

    The govt has made a proper Hames of the whole thing, and is been trundling on for 20 years.

  3. kellma

    Yes, looks can be deceiving, but the people I see in that photo there don’t exactly conform to the stereotypical image of a waster.

  4. martinm

    I can’t help thinking that this bears quite a resemblance to the world-leaders-togetherness photo in Paris last year.

    The original poster doesn’t really add much by saying “large crowd”. I mean, there are also crowds of 40+ people surrounding street performers on Grafton Street each Saturday. Just because there are ~20 people looking at some lad shouting from a soap box, doesn’t mean that they are there to take part in the protest. What’s the bar here?

      1. rotide

        Rookie mistake clampers, the 15 doesn’t go anywhere near belfield as any self respecting southsider could tell you, roysh?

  5. The florist

    The loo in my local pub was used by James Connolly just before the rising, moves are afoot to paint it, a front to the beliefs of those brave men….

  6. Eoin

    The surrender happened on Moore St. Hence the historical importance. Glad to see people out protesting the demolition (by stealth) of a national monument. They already left those buildings without roof tiles for years in the hopes that the building would become unsound and would have to be demolished. These are the kinds of tricks at play. Great to see such a turn out. But upsetting that we have to get out and surround buildings of historical importance to ensure they don’t get demolished and have their sites sold off to dodgy developers.

    1. ScaryLady

      Hang on – the buildings to be demolished weren’t even there in 1916 – I think they were built in the 1970’s. Furthermore these protests are preventing restoration work being done on the actual buildings with historical significance. Where the hell is the logic here?

      The self-appointed spokesman for the protesters, Damien Farrell, is a prominent member of Eirigi – that bastion of democracy. Just like with the water charges, the Sinn Fein DCC members had an opportunity to block this, and are only now saying that they’re against it.

      Pathetic to see the rest of the usual suspects falling over each other in an attempt to be seen to be outraged. You’d never think that there was an election around the corner.

      1. rotide

        Hang on – the buildings to be demolished weren’t even there in 1916 – I think they were built in the 1970’s

        Is that true?

        Renders this whole thing irrelevant if so

        1. ScaryLady

          From Damien Farrell’s Facebook page –

          But what of numbers 13,18 and 19 the other buildings behind the partition. According to the “restoration” companies Conservation Architect numbers 18 and 19(former Paris Bakery)are not of historical importance because they were built in the 70’s……yeah but what he didn’t recognise was that the state didnt prevent the demolition of the original buildings that stood in their place.
          This is why I’m here.

          So if someone can explain the logic of this idiotic protest which-according to its ringleader – is about a demolition that happened in the 1970’s, I’d be very interested to hear it.

          1. Andy

            Words escape me.
            Is this the dumbest protest of the 21st century. Top 5 at least if the above is true. Up there with the couple in killiney and their 20 investment properties and the Gorse hill boyos.

            However, maybe the asbestos used in the roof of the 1970’s buildings was mined in a town the Rising leaders stopped for a hang sandwich?

  7. 15 cents

    fair play to them. very small amount of people in ireland actually take action on things that matter to them. anyone calling them wasters just because they arent in work are wasters themselves .. because for a start u only think work is 9-5 weekdays. so you’re probably bitter about ur own meaningless job, so u think everyone should have to go thru the same soulless trundle as you. second of all, these people are out there taking action for something they believe in, something you have never done. you just sit at ur desk in ur crappy job going thru the motions until you die. whereas these people actually act on things they feel strongly about. far from wasters. its you whos the waster.

    1. Neilo

      Desk jobs can help with the aul’ punctuation and spelling, so they’ve got that going for them.

  8. Just sayin'

    The historical significance of Moore Street is exaggerated. there’s nothing to see there an the GPO – the ultimate symbol of the rising is just around the corner. Its ridiculous. there are far more important historical landmarks in Dublin and elsewhere being completely neglected.

    1. Conor

      At least they’re raising awareness of the Dublin’s hertiage, which is constantly neglected by the council and government. Sure, in your eyes Moore Street may not be hertiage, but it was the site of the 1916 surrender so it has some historical significance.
      I also believe the protest is against the massive shopping centre development that’s planned for the site. Whoopie, another H&M, Starbucks, Mango and Costa Coffee. If the council bothered their arse Moore Street could have been a fantastic, unique outdoor market. Instead it’s been let decay for decades now.

  9. Clampers Outside!

    This is true……

    There’s a swallows nest in James Street hospital. And swallows are protected. Now, that’s grand and all. Fair play.

    But, I was at a meeting regarding the redevelopment of James Hospital, and one of the buildings to be redeveloped is home to a nest. These birds return to their nest annually and through generations of swallows.
    When in the meeting, I heard the following (not exact quote, but close enough)….. “The swallows have been there for generations, and the same family of swallows are the same birds that were nesting during all the fighting of 1916 in and around James St and show should hold a special preservation”

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and some idiotic attempt, true or not, to make reference to a fupping birds nest and the rebellion of 1916.

    It’s all that bullpoo from people literally wanting to save any ol’ sh*t in the name of 1916 that


    That said, there’s something to be saved on Moore St, but with all the noise, it’s hard to give a fupp….

  10. J

    Bring back Nelson from the rubble and demolish that Spire , a monument to ugliness. Speaking of ugliness, I see that Gerry Adams and Marylou are at the protest. Terrorists turned conservationists.

    1. Neilo

      To say nothing of archaeology or physical anthropology buffs: they know where the bones are buried.

  11. Funster Fionnanánn

    Sinn Fein co-opting as I type.

    1916 used to gain votes.

    RTE trying to gain views.

    1916 my hole.

  12. C-Sharp

    “Left a bit, left a bit, no YOUR left..”
    “Ah get down from there Richard and let Mary Lou have a go”
    “Right a bit, right a bit”

  13. Bertie Blenkinsop

    “But how will the crowd see us when we get there?” pondered Gerry….
    fortunately, Mary Lou had a ladder in her tights.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      50 years from now half of the cities population will claim to have had a grand parent up that ladder.

  14. Murtles

    Mary Lou, she’d turn up at the opening of a door that one.
    14 – 17 being kept as a National Monument but tis a bit late now to be preserving any building for the centenary celebrations. All that’ll be there in March/April is a patriotic building site. Boooo!

  15. Fergus the magic postman

    To the people on here who are happy to proclaim their revulsion towards all protesters at every opportunity: you would do very well to remember that some of the rights & general niceties that you & your families are benefiting from in your everyday lives today are a consequence of protests. Sometimes these protests have taken the form of civil disobedience.
    Try to remember that when your making your classist posts, from whatever cushy position you may be sitting in at the time.

      1. Steve

        Fergus aren’t you one of those posters who constantly complains in other political BS posts that we live in a dictatorship / theocracy / police state run by FG and it’s cronies / a state run by the banks / the church / we are worse than Saudi blah blah blah.

        Great to see you have come around to view that we live in a nice little country where we have niceties.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            Ah, that’s Peter the racist. Pay no heed. Think he’s with the Iona Institute too.

  16. Jake38

    Why is Jurrrry the only one with a beard? Should they not all have beards, with the occasional Celtic shirt thrown in?

  17. St. John Smythe

    In order to really celebrate the spirit of ’16, they should organise a protest, then at the last minute decide to stage it on the day after they had advertised it to take place. Make a bit of noise, wreck the place, then capitulate.

    1. scottser

      Why not go the whole hog and send the le eithne up the liffey to shell those inner city flat complexes? The blueshirts on here love a bit of ethnic cleansing and sure, isn’t it a better spend of their taxes than saving all them poxy refugees?

  18. some old queen

    On the surface it’s a bit hard to see what it is all about. The buildings listed will be renovated and the others rebuilt but I suspect there is a fear among the locals that once they are complete, the traders will be forced out of Moore Street. The government has done little to alleviate those fears and yet again, they have mismanaged a situation which was completely avoidable.

  19. Saint Paul

    Saint Paul says it is interesting to see all the usual rent an angry crowd out after the holiday season, drunk on futile and mindless dissent for its own sake

    Have yis no water charges or debt-submerged homes to be going to?

  20. RidersOnTheStorm

    Fair play to the protesters occupying these historic buildings in Centenary Year – timely reminder to those that occupy (sometimes) seats in Leinster House that exactly 100 years ago fellow Irish men and women shed their lifesblood in armed protest so that subsequent generations could have the right to sit in peace in Dail Eireann.

      1. RidersOnTheStorm

        Failte romhat

        I used to say, decades ago, that if, during a lull in the battle in the G.P.O., the insurgents could see a video of the current and previous arseholes that occupy space in Dail Eireann and Seanad and their complete mismanagement and balls-up of the affairs of State, they would have said: ‘ Ah, here………what’s the point?!!!! Fcuk those rifles out the window…….pull up the deckchairs………….and broach that bottle .’

        1. inPisces

          No they soundly wouldn’t
          They are or were not cynical idle fupps looking idly for a cause like present day republicans

        2. Frilly Keane

          Nah Rider

          I like t’think they’d a’said
          Sum’ting like

          “What did the girls say?
          did ya get a chance ta’ ask ’em lads?
          Are they still talking ta’us
          Sur they’d have us sorted by now
          If we’d a let them
          Ück’it Paudi ya shouldn’t have told ’em ta’leave
          Wi’yer t’ wasn’t their place n’ sh1te
          Sur they’re well able ta’look after themselves ffs
          Look at us
          We’re ûcked altogether
          N’ you there wi’yer gammy eye
          Dem’wans had bigger balls than the lot’ve us put ta’gether
          Will we ever learn”

          Happy Centenary
          Tis like it happened yesterday

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