7 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Marian

    Examiner obsessed with Rome as usual. Why would any catholic look to the Examiner for informed reporting ongoings on at the Vatican? It’s all rather odd for a septic feminist/homosexualist/atheist paper that makes the Oirish Toimes look like a bulletin of the Prayer Book Society. I thought papal teaching was rejected back in the 60s? Here we are 50 years later and as much as we like to ignore the truth and human nature, we must continue the neverending lies, the miserey and pain, the re-mortgaging of our children’s future, the wasted talents, the cynical hopelessness and despair. Surely we should resonate with nature? Chime with creation? Face up to our ultimate fate? Admit we were wrong and seek the truth? No, that would be admitting defeat. Cork people would sooner throw themselves off bridges (as many who believed the lies have done) than admit they might have got it all a bit messed up.

  2. Robby Cook

    pay my leopo gym gym fee of 75e month
    or just get the far away as1 can from this toxic pit of Spoo that is ireland

  3. Robby Cook

    sorry , just had a grivance with some otherer crowd, amazingly 1 part still tests/standouts the the time

  4. ollie

    The budget stuff is nonsense. The Irish govt submitted this prior to budget day, the EC had not comments to make. Now they are going to release a report after the event.
    I reckon that the real truth is that FG/Lab were allowed to try and buy this election to keep the status quo and the left at bay.
    It’s not going to work, government parties are at least 16 seats short of a majority and after last night’s no show by Alan Farrell and James O’Reilly at TV3’s debate they could be 2 more seats short.

  5. Lilly

    Seems the Irish Cancer Society has yet to cop on that the withdrawal of financial support, even with the reversal for children, will cost it more in lost support (and more significantly, revenue) than the relatively paltry sums involved. Stick yer daffodils.

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