Kicking The Man Down The Road



Taoiseach Enda Kenny shaking hands with Sgt Maurice McCabe in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath during the 2014 local and European elections

You may recall how Mr Justice Kevin O’Higgins was appointed last year to carry out a Commission of Investigation into allegations made by Sergeant Maurice McCabe, following a report by Sean Guerin SC, who recommended such an investigation take place.

The allegations pertained to allegations of Garda corruption and malpractice in the Cavan-Monaghan division.

Further to this, the Commission has requested more time to carry out its work and asked for its deadline to be extended until April 29.

The Department of Justice sez:

The Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald, TD, has extended the reporting date for the O’Higgins Commission of Investigation by three months to end April 2016 following a request from the Commission.”

“This Commission of Investigation was established to investigate and report on certain matters relative to the Cavan/Monaghan Division of the Garda Síochána and has Mr Justice Kevin O’Higgins as Sole Member. The Commission commenced its work on 10 February 2015 and was set an indicative period of one year within which to report.”

“The Commission submitted an Interim Report on 14 December 2015 requesting the Minister to exercise her powers under section 6(6) of the Commissions of Investigation Act 2004 to provide a three month extension for the Commission to report. The Commission is now proposing to report by 29 April 2016. The Minister has granted the extension.”

See the interim report here.

More to follow.

19 thoughts on “Kicking The Man Down The Road

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    Just like the Siteserve enquiry being delayed until after the election.

    The only surprise is the extent of the barefaced shamelessness they go along with, thinking nobody will notice.

    1. Steve

      Did you even read the article before going off on one about government scum lol ?? The commission (i.e not Enda Kenny , although bodger would like you to think that with pic) requested the extension.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        You are right Steve, I missed that too, oh wait a sec, could someone, maybe, you know, someone possibly have told (ordered) the commission to request the extension. Hmm, no, that’s a bit far fetched, maybe all is above board. Yes, I’m sure you are right.

      2. classter

        @Steve – I hate the empty fulminating at anything by the govt but this does stink.

        I never understand why this inquiries are given quite the time they are given anyway. Surely they can be given resources secretarial/junior counsels etc. to hurry them up.

    2. ollie

      What do we know about Justice Kevin O’Higgins, sole member of the commission.
      His father Tom was a stalwart in Fine Gael.
      He himself is described as dedicated to ” his beloved Fine Gael.”
      Hi godfather Kevin McCourt ran RTE.
      I’m positive that his request to extend the commission was not politically motivated in any way , shape or form.

  2. Niallo

    Ahahaha, and half the country still doing an impersonation of waterworld ?
    Hahahaha, abd this ginger idiot has his head stuck in the sand wha ?
    “Ara an sure an mebe the plebs’l just get on with it and vote the right way and sur twill be grand on the day”
    Sure, sure it will…

  3. rotide

    Govt doesn’t investigate corruption – scum
    Govt allows a commision extra time to investigate corruption – scum

    Yis are gas

    1. classter

      You get a full year to do nothing but investigate specific allegations of corruption in one Garda district.

      This district has 322 staff, 25 stations & covers a population of 133k.

      A year should be manageable, no? If not, when did he alert the govt that he would fail to be done in time. Has he asked for extra resources to meet his deadline?

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