27 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Gary Flood

    Saw them taking this pic in Herbert Park earlier. My first thought was that it was a promo shoot for a pawnbrokers chasing the “Pink Euro”.

      1. Caroline

        oh I clicked, she’s a PR thing, oh dear. That’s pretty sad for her. As a student wheeze it’s a solid 2:1, with professional involvement I don’t even know what kind of apocalypse to pray for.

  2. CailinBallin

    Per Website

    “Ladyball is a concept project designed to encourage more women to play sports. Not yet in development – distribution and sale may be subject to demand”


  3. Dόn Pídgéόní

    Tbf, our weak lady limbs and monthly lady times do render us too pathetic to take party in most sportsing. Nice to have something just for us!

  4. Nice Anne (Dammit)

    Ooooh sports, forsooth! Such rough pasttimes don’t half give this delicate ladeee a severe case of wot is known as d’vapors. To say nothing of all that dreadful masculine breathlessness, sweating, red-a-face and muscles. We must remain undernourished and still least we bring on such dreadful affections!!

    Better we lie in our lady hammocks with a wan smile, fair complexion and studied pose taking great care to conceal our monthly leakages.

    Or we could just go and belt 9 shades of shite out of each other in camogie, rugby, basketball, football or hockey. You know, whatever.

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