Blow Your Own Horn


The-Rhino-XT-1 The-Rhino-XT-2The-Rhino-XT The-Rhino-XT-3

Behold: the Rhino XT – a militarised, street-legal vehicle from California-based US Specialty Vehicles: effectively a modified, armoured, Jeep Wrangler with a 3.6l, 285bhp, V6 engine and luxury leather trimmed interior priced from $75,000 (€68,850).

And you can park it wherever you damn well please.


5 thoughts on “Blow Your Own Horn

  1. Mr. T.

    Some rugby star will buy one or maybe McGregor will get one for popping down to the Crumlin Shopping Centre for the weekly shop.

  2. CousinJack

    My wife need sa new jeep for the school run, this looks perfect, any details on Irish dealer? €70k much cheaper than the merc or porsche equivalent, everything has a downside

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