20 thoughts on “Blue Mon-Play

  1. newsjustin

    The Sambos
    Right Turn Mike
    Scissors Face
    Mirror Wall
    Ballymagorry Country Relish
    Wing wall
    Molotov Cocklake
    Space Saint

  2. Hank

    Ham Sandwich
    We Cut Curners
    Little x’s for eyes
    The Frames
    The Coronas
    God is an Astronaut

  3. fish

    Ham Sandwich
    We Cut Corners
    Little Xs for Eyes
    The Frames
    The Coronas,
    God is an Astronaut

    God damn you wing wall

  4. Shouting for Supper

    Ham Sandwich are a great example of how what’s left of the music press promote mediocrity. Shouting and yelling in every song does not make you “edgy, innovative”, it just sounds shouty. A talent vacuum.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Do they shout/

      I mean I’m not a fan of theirs either but I though they were more twee than shouty…

    2. Odockatee

      Could you illuminate on that point? I think they have shown themselves to be models for independent Irish bands in the modern imdustry. Ants. Keepsake

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