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      1. Lilly

        The implication being that you do. Too much interest was, apparently, shown by CEOs this year so they had to cull. Was it the slur on your dear leader that got you hot under the collar.

        1. Wayne.F

          Not really Enda is a clown! Proving in the words of Kent Brockman “democracy simply doesn’t work”

          Anyone willing to pay 27,000 for the privilege can have an access all areas attendance at Davos excluding a few small private meetings that are invite only, few actually pay and end up getting invites from their banks, private equity funds or other corporate entities. I am sure DOB could find the entry fee if he wished to attend, I have not seen any evidence he is or is not at Davos right now maybe you should ask his pa.

          1. Frida

            27K is chicken feed to a lot of these guys. What happens when too many of them want to go and are willing to pay? They get turned away, as has happened this year.

          2. Wayne.F

            Your right Frida, however very few spend that cash themselves! Nearly all are invitees. DOB may be there he may not I have no idea, last year with the proposed flotation he was more likely to be there.
            Not sure why anyone would assume he is only there because of our Taoiseach?

    1. meadowlark

      It really is. They do wonderful work in the NICU in the Rotunda. My daughter was 3 months early and thanks to them, she’s a bright, happy and healthy little girl. Delighted for Zoe and all her family.

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