Broadsheet Trailer Park: Dirty Grandpa



What you may need to know:

1. “Daddy, what was it like when you were young?”

2. “Well son, I remember when all this was Robert De Niro movies as far as the eye could see. And not turdy ones either. The Godfather II (1974), Raging Bull (1980), Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Cape Fear (1991)… the man was unstoppable. Then he started doing comedies, and nothing’s been the same since.

You mean, Midnight Run (1988) somehow opened a Pandora’s Box that led to De Niro strapping on a fake boob and breastfeeding a kid?”

4. “I’m afraid so Son.”

5. “Daddy… I’m sad.”

6.Me too Son. Me too.”

Release date:
January 22

35 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Dirty Grandpa

  1. ivan

    whoa whoa whoa…i could be reading this wrong, but anybody who disses ‘Midnight Run’ can feck right off. What came after may have been bobbins, but The Run was a belter of a movie…

      1. Neilo

        Cape Fear was a piece of crap, Midnight Run a masterpiece matched only by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in crime comedy quotability.

        1. rory

          Midnight Run is a good movie and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was enjoyable. Calling them masterpieces is perhaps a bit much.

  2. Avon Barksdale

    I mean, does he just not get offered good roles anymore? I can’t make sense of it. This just looks…..ugh

    1. Neilo

      He does the very thing Michael Caine was proud to admit to: pay cheque gigs. The difference for me is that Caine’s had some belting late career gigs like Blood And Wine – to say nothing of the Christopher Nolan collaborations – that De Niro appears to eschew.

  3. Mikeyfex

    Come on Robert, look at the newspapers, they’re taking them from your pen now, as they say. Get your act together.

  4. perricrisptayto

    Sad to see a great actor like De Niro slip into rubbish like this, but it’s a long time since he did anything like his best work. Obviously, a bit like Hugh McElvaney, he’s desperate for the few bob,and as much of as he can get!!

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Was Casino his last good gig?
      I mean, Meet the Fockers was mildly funny but it was the start of de Stupid.

      1. rory

        I know the film is not considered favorably by some people, but I thought the first ‘Meet The Parents’ movie was a pretty solid comedy. That was 16 years ago.
        Checking his imdb I don’t think he’s been in a good movie since. Unless you like American Hustle, or Silver linings Playbook. Which I don’t particularly.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Ah yes, I really meant MTP not MTF. The comedy genre would indeed be a barren place without it…perhaps both De Niro and Hoffman were part of its success. The audience can’t dictate what roles the man takes to make a living but the general consensus here is that he was more respected playing the tough guy / anti-hero. A face for frowning and badass lines.

        2. meadowlark

          I liked him in Silver Linings, but the movie itself was a bit… average. He was close on the best thing in it.

        3. jeremy kyle

          I almost thought he was going to save me from American Hustle and then *poof* he just vanishes.

          He was in Limitless, which was alright I suppose.

          1. Mikeyfex

            One of the very, very few movies I turned off.

            Silver Linings was more watchable but, thinking about it now, forgettable.

    1. meadowlark

      That is one of the better roles he has played in recent years. He looks like he had fun doing it, and it’s really enjoyable to watch.

  5. MoyestWithExcitement

    Maybe he’s an old man who’s not arsed making serious artistic statements anymore and just wants to have the craic?

  6. Neilo

    Doubtful. There’s no fun or lightness of touch about most, if not all, of these jobs that Bobby D is doing although I did enjoy his cameo in Extras.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Mightn’t be fun to watch but maybe he enjoyed working on them because he didn’t feel any pressure?

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