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24 thoughts on “Etc, Etc

      1. Anne

        I know what you mean etc etc.
        It’s no wonder he won’t come on any show on the telly.. etc etc.. lol

        Fupping dismal etc etc.

        1. Declan

          There’s loads of examples of excellent and fine orators but been one doesn’t make you a good leader. I think Enda’s edge is that he out schemed all the schemers, sort of like Marlow from the Wire, a laconic sort but effective

          1. Neilo

            John Kelly was the finest orator in the last several decades in the Dáíl – didn’t mean he was cut out for the down and dirty business of politics.

          2. jungleman

            He’s thick as a plank. Anything smart he does is a result of him doing what he’s told.

            Regardless of martin’s lack of credibility, he would wipe the floor with kenny in a debate.

          3. Declan

            Don’t under estimate him. It’s like people under estimating the Shinners or the Healy-Rae’s. They haven’t gone away you know ; )

          4. jungleman

            I’m not under-estimating him in the slightest. It is very clear that if he was left to his own devices, he would be an utter disaster. Any time he speaks freely he seems to say something idiotic.

            Like I said, it is the people he has behind him which have steered him to success.

          5. Fergus the magic postman

            The cleverest thing Kenny does consistently, is to remain quiet, or go into hiding when he might be asked something complicated about his own parties dealings.

            Whenever he strays even slightly from this policy, he shows himself up as a complete idiot.

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