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You may already be familiar with the productivity sapping Google Maps Streetview Player.

Input any two locations. Allow a little load time, then watch a timelapse-style journey (composed of stapled-together Streetview images) from one location to the other.

And that’s the rest of the afternoon sorted.

(H/T: Barry McKenna)

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17 thoughts on “Google Drive

  1. Mikeyfex

    Anyone else just look up the road they travel every day anyway?

    Something like this compatible with Google Cardboard is sorely needed.

      1. Mikeyfex

        They’re limited but the amount of content for them will only increase. I will admit to backing away from a Silverback as he approached the camera on one of those 360 youtube videos.

        1. rotide

          You’re lucky there was no young pup there to video it on their phone and put it on you tube with the title ‘Auld lad gets a fright on VR phone – LOL’.

          Always felt a bit sorry for the occulus granny in that regard.

  2. rugbyfan

    get into a car and do it for real! look up from your screens humans, there is a world out there!

    1. realPolithicks

      “get into a car and do it for real”

      You could also try walking or cycling, and actually experience the world.

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