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Peter Fleming writes:

Long shot, but if you could appeal to readers, if they know any folk who were in IKEA [St Margaret’s Rd, Ballymun, Dublin 11] between 7.158.15 last night who may have happened to find some art prints, a photo and some gift cards could they let me know.

We don’t care about the vouchers, but the prints have a lot of sentimental value and similar to one of these by Esther Breslin. I’ve contacted the artist too just in case. One of the pictures is of a cat flushing itself down a toilet.


11 thoughts on “Lost In IKEA

  1. Farty McCarthy

    Once got lost in Ikea, kept coming back to the bathroom section. And I was only trying to get out for a poo.

  2. sb

    I used to work there, and often they would keep the prints that were found incase somebody came back for them. Ask for the explain on the phone and they’ll help you, they’re generally very good.

    1. PF

      Sadly not. I am the person who lost these items. Was carrying them unawares in something I was buying, thinking I had only dropped the vouchers (that’s merely annoying) when I learned that the art prints and photos were also there.

      I expect someone found it and binned it all thinking it was just a pile of rubbish, or found it, took the vouchers and binned the other stuff.

      I appreciate the appeal, as fruitless as it will be. Staff helped yesterday and today.

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