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    1. Tish Mahorey

      Really? You’re that stiff that you can’t see the humour in that. It was about civil rights. Even the Irish Government was considering an incursion to protect Catholics.

      You twit.

  1. inPisces

    I think it’s pretty funny but of course the usual finger wagging Mother Superiors on here are keen to stress their obvious moral superiority over a little kid

  2. leesider

    Why do people feel sorry for the kid?
    It’s just a joke.
    Kids write all kinds of things on round bales all over the country, doesn’t mean anything.

    If his parents are republican then what’s wrong with that? Is republicanism not acceptable? What was wrong with the original free derry sign?

    1. Funster Fionnanánn

      It’s too late, you can’t be saved.
      We will have to go on without you.

      The North is thataway.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          I am pretty sure Dav is actually Jonatti. There is no way someone could be that much of a caricature.

          1. Punches Pilot

            “I am pretty sure Dav is actually Jonatti. There is no way someone could be that much of a caricature”

            Post of the Year 2016. Lock her up, its done.

      1. Rob_G

        Dav: doesn’t like FG for their brief (and comical) attempt to create private army in the early 30s; has less objection to the fact that SF had one until the 00s (at least).

          1. Neilo

            Indeed, little does Dav know that the worst FG excesses are weak social democracy sauce to my jaded palate.

  3. Looking In

    Hey the wall’s a sysmbol for Civil Rights and visited by people from all over the world well except people from Ireland. It’s a funny pic too.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    Most of you thinly disguised Fine Gaelers weren’t even born when the North was kicking off so you don’t remember how most of your relatives were silently supportive of the IRA campaign in the north.

    Everyone is very moral and revisionist these days but in the 70s and 80s, it was a different story.

    1. Rob_G

      I sincerely hope that my relatives weren’t ‘silently supportive’ of any of the following:

      – blowing up schoolchildren in England;
      – burning alive members of the collie club;
      – or forcing people to be suicide bombers.

      1. scottser

        you can add manchester and omagh to that list too, rob. but conversely, republicans up north were subject to internment, police brutality and intimidation etc. thatcher was a nasty ladypart, not just to republicans either, but also to her fellow citizens. it was hard not to have an opinion at the time and i, like most would have felt at least some sympathy for our northern cousins.

        1. Rob_G

          I feel a great degree of sympathy for anyone growing up in the North at that time, and could even understand the motivation of people who felt driven to take up arms – but thankfully things have moved on, and people are willing to leave these things in the past.

          I have no time whatsoever for bloodthirsty, triumphalist glorification of that awful, violent, period. Particularly when a child is involved (who could have no comprehension of the issues) – and in upstate New York, of all places.

    2. Neilo

      Don’t presume to speak for one old enough to remember those days. I was born many decades ago, lived in the border counties and remembered that the soi disant silent support turned into revulsion very quickly: more or less as soon as we realised the Provos – and their Loyalist counterparts – were fairly much killing for the thrill of it.

    3. Condescending Nana

      you are talking out of your cakehole Tish, time to hit the booze to calm your nerves down.

    4. Grouse

      It’s funny but I could write pretty much the opposite comment: The internet is lately full of kids who don’t remember what it was like to watch the daily drip feed of horrific violence that characterised those decades. It’s very easy now romanticise the campaign. In the ’70s and ’80s it was a different story.

  5. Condescending Nana

    nothing screams inbred like this pathetic form of republicanism, also shame on you for foisting it on your kid, he’ll grow up an idiot just like you, well done.

    1. Medium Sized C

      I don’t see what is repulsive about believing that Derry should be part of the republic.
      The sign isn’t advocating murder, just unification.

      1. DefinitelyNotMoyestPretendingToBeTony

        Yeah, the original is not an IRA sign. It’s a ‘keep state militia who have no problem victimising the population here for no reason’ sign.

          1. Dav

            blushirt response to debate “shut up”, “you’re drunk/ inbred/pathetic”, “poor people deserve punishment” etc..

          2. Nigel

            And labeling everyone who disagrees with you a blueshirt isn’t also part of an effort to shut down debate?

    2. leesider

      People are presuming that the famous mural “Welcome to Free Derry” can only be linked with the PIRA. Not so. As I said above, it looks to me like it’s only a bit of craic and it’s worth noting that being a republican is not a bad thing when it means the political desire to live in a 32 county republic and the commitment to achieving that without force of arms. Having said that, I can completely understand how someone who was burned out of bombay street in Belfast or who got shot at while on a civil rights march could revert to the use of arms to protect themselves and their communities and to gain those civil rights. I’m not a member of any political party.

      Foisting republicanism on a child is no more abhorrent that forcing any other mainstream political ideology on your child. The failure to see this picture for the bit of craic it is, something that offends no one, is really impressively stupid. If he has written something about any one of the number of atrocities committed by various factions of the IRA down through the years then it would be a joke in very bad taste but as it is, I really can’t see the problem.

      Are the people in here that are repulsed by the child making a joke in the snow FGers?
      The west brits have really come out of the woodwork for the various centenaries.

      1. Rob_G

        “Foisting republicanism on a child is no more abhorrent that forcing any other mainstream political ideology on your child.”

        – I think that most people would object to forcing any political ideology on a child, and most ‘mainstream’ political ideologies wouldn’t support taking people out of a van on their way to work and murdering them purely on the basis of their religion.

        1. leesider

          I agree. Political ideology shouldn’t be foisted on kids, I was just saying that republicanism isn’t any worse an ideology than others. Republicanism to me doesn’t involve force.

      2. Neilo

        No 32 county republic is worth the price at all costs. In any event, many bourgeois nationalists in the Six are ‘shy Unionists’.

      3. Neilo

        The west brits have really come out of the woodwork for the various centenaries.

        Anything that aggravates or keeps the PIRA/SF bandwagon jumpers away from the commemorations is fine by me.

      4. Caroline

        Mmm… West Brit. Joins Feminazi, Monoglot and Social Justice Warrior in the pantheon of devastating retorts that reveal just how annoyed the user is that you don’t agree with them.

          1. Caroline

            It’s trotted out in online fisticuffs about the Irish language. (If you’ve avoided these so far, good plan.) Its identical to the others in its deployment and effect.

          2. Caroline

            Be warned though, it’s the only one on the list guaranteed to make you sound like you’re sitting at a keyboard in a jumper that smells of boiled fish. I say this as someone who likes Irish but is less keen on internet fights.

        1. Neilo

          Hi Caroline, West Brit had been hovering outside the Broadsheet Hit Parade for a while but now it’s – forgive the phrase – number 1 with a bullet on the midweek chart.

  6. Funster Fionnanánn

    As much interest to me as a sign saying Keep Cardiff free.

    What goes on in that country has nothing to do with me.

    No matter what the local alcoholic with the Irish flag in the garden year round says to me.

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