25 thoughts on “Know Your Constituency

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    “…valley of the squinting windows..” HA!
    Brilliant Mick.
    Forget Netflix – this is the new series to follow.

  2. Mick Flavin

    Thanks all…
    This took a while to do, so I won’t get anywhere near all 40 constituencies done. I’ll try to do a couple more this week and see how it goes. Expect a sharp drop-off in knowledge as I move outside home (Stumpy is right, I am from Longford)…

    1. The Old Boy

      Top stuff as always, Mick. You could do a tour of the nuttier provincial constituencies: South Kerry, Tipperary, Donegal and Louth are always good value.

    1. rotide

      hahaha, saw that, expected a few comments

      This poster is Mad Altogether! I’d say Mick is only great in the sack! LOL – Flick Mavin

  3. Lesser spotted Bogman

    This is a hoot!
    I’ve sent this to on Westmeath/ Longford chums the world over.
    The mortification among them is strong!!
    Kudos to you Mr Flavin!!

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