Googlepuns writes:

Spring has sprung at last in Arbour Hill [Dublin 7]….

They’re just weeds.

Thanks Amanda

Daffs in YOUR area to Broadsheet@Broadsheet.ie marked ‘Daffs’

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Jacks CottageDaffs at Jacks

This afgternoon.

Muireann O’ Neill writes:

My friend Bridie Brittain and gardener extraordinaire is delighted to see her garden coming to life. Incidentally, you’ll find these Daff at Jack’s Cottage, Aglish, Waterford…

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5 thoughts on “Daff Punks

  1. Eoin

    Great stuff, this is encouraging. Remember last year? They all got wiped out by a late frost. Fingers crossed we get away with it this year. Nothing more heartbreaking than watching the guys planting rows and rows of daffs in the parks only to have them all die in the ground. Grim.

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