Flag Of Inconvenience



Red Flag offices on Ely Place, Dublin 2

The Ireland edition of The Times reports this morning that Fine Gael had planned to use communications company Red Flag as its social media consultant but abandoned the plan because the PR firm is being sued by Denis O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien is claiming Red Flag was involved in a conspiracy against him.

John Walsh reports:

“In December Garret Doyle, Red Flag’s chief operations officer, told the High Court in an affidavit that Mr O’Brien’s case against the company had resulted in the loss of “one significant and valuable project”. It is understood this was a reference to the arrangement with Fine Gael.”

“…Red Flag was to make up to four staff available as part of the proposed deal, which was worth about €100,000. The company uses specialist software that Fine Gael was hoping to deploy to push and target its own message effectively on social media, but also to protect its candidates’ timelines or Facebook accounts being overrun by supporters of other parties.”

“…It is also understood that Fine Gael is now being advised by a London-based consultancy called Edmonds Elder, which is run by Craig Elder and Tom Edmonds. The firm ran the digital operation for the Conservatives during the 2015 UK general election. The British party’s campaign, particularly on Facebook, was considered one of the key elements in its successful re-election.”

“…On its website, Red Flag advises clients that it can act “your eyes, ears and mouth in the rapidly moving digital world”. The company advertises a software suite called Semafore which “monitors, evaluates and reports on market reaction and sentiment”.

It advises companies that it will assist them to learn about reputation issues before they hit the headlines, be ready to launch pre-emptive strikes and “marshal allies to win the online space when things heat up”.”

Fine Gael dropped PR firm over O’Brien case (The Times, John Walsh)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ie

14 thoughts on “Flag Of Inconvenience

  1. Tish Mahorey

    PR Hyperdrive.

    Maybe they should hit the streets and actually talk to people. They they’d know what’s going on. But the truth is they don’t care what’s going on. They are ideologically driven and will only attempt to appeal to the public in the run up to an election. If they are returned, expect something nastier and more hateful than even the Tory Government in the UK.

    1. ahyeah

      I think you’re giving them too much credit in saying they’re “ideologically driven” – driven more by greed and a lack of empathy for anyone outside their circle.

  2. Kolmo

    PR politics – how to lie your way into office.

    Professional distorters of the truth, down there with loan sharks, estate agents, dodgy used-car salesmen, a well-spoken, expensive glasses wearing scummy business.

  3. nellyb

    “Overrun”? Would it have followed by Panem Et Circenses for election message? :-) Democrazy…
    FGs dodged it!

  4. Anne

    “be ready to launch pre-emptive strikes and “marshal allies to win the online space”

    Have they scud rockets?

  5. Anne

    ““marshal allies to win the online space”

    I’m thinking of the multiple personality freaks on here, who feel supported when they marshal their online personalities to win the online space.. lol

    Would that be the same type a thing? A few shills pretending to be different people.. Like where else would they find these allies?

  6. Anne

    One more thing..

    “It advises companies that it will assist them to learn about reputation issues before they hit the headlines,”

    Bit late for that now..

    A bit like soggy knickers, in the boat on 2 inches of water.. the PR stunts only make their reputation issues worse.

    But back to the point, why is redacted having so much influence over FG? Weasels the lot of um.

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