Don’t Make Unnecessary Contact


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One of a series of emails sent from Irish Water’s managing director John Tierney (top) to the company’s staff in Dublin – released to RTE under the Freedom of Information Act.

It was sent on Wednesday April 1, 2015, the same day anti-Irish Water demonstrators gathered outside the Irish Water offices on Talbot Street, Dublin.

Irish Water staff told not to look out the windows at water charge protesters (RTE)

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29 thoughts on “Don’t Make Unnecessary Contact

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    Ah, John Tierney. Haven’t seen him in a while. He’s a sight for sore eyes.
    I wonder who he consulted about writing that letter & how many thousand consultant cost. Did the consultant have to remain in the building?

  2. rotide

    gulp is right.

    It’s incredible to think measures like this need to be taken by people just doing their jobs

    1. Zuppy International

      Especially when their job involves commandeering for private profit the public resources of the nation.

      We already pay.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        We already pay for the bus as well. Why are buses not free and why are you not complaining of that as well?

      2. Cup of tea anyone?

        My Mammy down the country pays for everyone’s water as well. and when her pump went to her own private well down home she had to pay for that as well.
        So why should she pay twice?

      3. Zuppy International

        @ Vote Rep #1

        I don’t pay for buses so I have no grounds to complain.

        @ Cup of Tea anyone

        You’re dead right. She should not have to pay twice. VAT/Motor Tax rebate for your Mammy.

  3. Vote Rep #1

    I read that as them not wanting a shouting match between staff and protesters from being front page news on all the papers. Hardly surprising is it?

    1. Mickey Twopints

      He was only taking a responsible approach to the threat from the ISIS-like protesting citizens. Or so his FG buddy Noel Coonan TD would have said.

  4. rugbyfan

    same happened a few years ago when banks staff were told not to year their office staff cards(generally worn on lanyards) outside the premises.

  5. DubLoony

    Companies have a duty of care to their workers. Given the circumstances, its perfect reasonable but unfortunate that it needed to be sent at all.

    Would love to see some of the demonstrators out mending sewer pipes, might change their opinions.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      No. It’s a set of instructions for a lock down, feeding the narrative that the water protestors are an unruly lynchmob rather than citizens of this country engaging in peaceful direct action in the face of arrogant contempt from the likes of Mr. Tierney.

    2. Fergus the magic postman

      When a company is set up and its high up positions are filled by people who are, lets say… friendly to the government, instead of being qualified to do the job, and then you take into account the HUGE amount of tax payers money that has been spent on consultants with nothing to show for it do to incompetence & complacency, and then you take into account the seemingly shady dealings that link the not corrupt at all DoB to the whole saga, people are justifiably going to protest.

        1. Anne

          Intimidation like pay up or your water will be turned off, or to a trickle?

          I doubt the staff are being intimidated.. but it’s fair advice to tell them not to get into any confrontation with members of the public.

  6. dejavu

    Shame it doesn’t mention anywhere in that email that these rules are in place to protect the staffs safety. It’s just a bunch of orders…

    It’s also unfortunate that there are some radical protesters out there that could take out their frustrations on some poor run of the mill IW worker.

    1. ahjayzis

      It’s also unfortunate that there are some radical protesters out there that could take out their frustrations on some poor run of the mill IW worker.

      Are there? I haven’t heard of any instances of violence against IW workers?

      1. Mickey Twopints

        Yes, but it *could* happen, couldn’t it? Because of that possibility, no honest law-abiding person should be seen next nor near a water protest, just in case like. You never know, you never know…

  7. Colin

    Why should motorists subsidise the water supply of non motorists? They say they have paid twice for water but those with no car have only paid once
    They still have a point about paying yet again but why tell lies about paying twice when they have not?

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