Electile Dysfunction


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Anon writes:

I just wanted to send you this, It is unsolicited election material that came to my house yesterday, sent from Pat Breen, Fine Gael’s Clare TD.  I notice it was sent in a Dail Eireann envelope. As far as i know they are not supposed to canvass using these.

38 thoughts on “Electile Dysfunction

  1. manolo

    great idea to expose these improprieties, but shouldn’t the person doing the accusation be identifiable?

      1. Owen

        Now that we are into an election period pointing out pointless or incorrect posts defines you political interests. Good to know.

        1. Murtles

          It’s your money Owen, if you’re happy that your PAYE and USC goes to fund this drivel instead of you have the extra few bob in your pocket, then fupp it indeed.

    1. Rob_G

      I would *kind of* support FG, but would still be uncomfortable with them electioneering in this way.

    2. classter

      ‘Oh christ, give over. Its a fupping envelope.’
      There are clear rules on this. It costs money & actually quite a bit of money when you add it all up. Also, he shouldn’t be using departmental headed paper for private cavasing. He is sednign a clear signal that he does not care about the responsibilities of his role.

      ‘blushirt apologist’
      You’re the worst

        1. classter

          I would, Mikeyfex, but I just don’t see me prospering in politics. I’d have the abrasive instincts of Shatter without the intelligence. I reckon I can do more in the field I’m in.

  2. Thomas Ryan

    1) This letter wasn’t sent during the period of the election campaign. 2) It doesn’t ask the recipient to vote for the person who sent it. 3) The fact that it’s “unsolicited” is neither here nor there, if the recipient is a constituent of the TD in question. Therefore, this is perfectly within the guidelines on the use of Oireachtas envelopes. But hey, why should that bothers stop you from putting it up here and implicitly alleging there is something wrong with it? And needless to say you’ve saved the recipient the bother of having to stand over the fact that they sent it to you, claiming there was something wrong with this ….

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      “I look forward to your continued support.”
      That’s as good as asking for a vote no?
      At the very least it’s a feeble attempt to bend the rules. Why else would the TD have sent the letters out? Pen-pal purposes? I doubt it.

    2. ollie

      Thomas, wrong wrong wrong. This is not an information leaflet, the sender used the recipients address without their permission, therefore it is illegal.

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        I’m not sure about that, but I was interested yesterday to hear about this letter being sent out to everybody from Data Ireland (owned by An Post).
        The letter says they’ve been selling your name/ address to interested parties for years, but if you now wish to opt out, you can fill in a form & send it back.
        That’s pretty interesting isn’t it?

    3. Clampers Outside!

      “Experience Counts”

      Counts for what? So he avoided using the word election and worked his way around using Dáil stationery rules to get himself a few thousand letters posted for his election campaign… if he’s fiddling and working around the rules to get elected, what would he be like once elected.


      It should not be tolerated. FFS!

    4. classter

      ‘2) It doesn’t ask the recipient to vote for the person who sent it.’

      Thomas, you could not be any more disingenuous, if you tried.

      He talks about the govt’s plan, he speaks about the choices available at the next election, he suggests that a FG-led govt is the only feasible option & he attaches a party-political leaftlet and he asks for the recipients continued support.

      You seem to be suggesting that this is the a glic letter which stays just within the law. I don;t know if the latter is true or not (I’d suspect not) but to me it is irrelevant. I don’t support any party & I don;t dislike FG more than most 9I have been accused of being a ‘Blushirt’ or ‘govt shill’ on this site a few times) but this is clearly shoddy, unethical & disrespectful behaviour.

      We, as an electorate & a body politic, should have zero tolerance for it.

  3. nellyb

    As long as he isn’t using same for kids’ sick notes for school. Or storing med receipts for vhi.

  4. Dav

    Shut up peasant, the blushirts are in charge and will make/break/ lie about the rules as they go along… kinda like their last 5 years in gov, lying and stealing, that’s the blushirt way

  5. Liam Deliverance

    Bendin’ the rules and exploitin’ the loopholes – Fine Gael, the corruption party.

    He is not the only FGer at this rubbish. Its pretty clear what to expect if you vote FG.

  6. shane

    He gamed it, but didn’t ask for a vote, and didn’t send it out during the election period.
    It’s absolutely withing the rules, if not the spirit of the rules.

    The real stupid part is that people hate getting this stuff posted to them in Oireachtas envelopes, it loses you votes

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