32 thoughts on “Fit For A Count

  1. lolly

    the house of his birth in Athlone has been Count John’s Chinese Restaurant for a few decades now. somehow this seems appropriate for Athlone.

  2. Kdoc1

    For God’s sake, it’s not a stripper’s pole; it’s at tool of the honourable profession of pole dancing.

    1. Hank

      That’d be a pool table.
      I’m assuming you never won any international caps for pool or snooker then..

  3. Tish Mahorey

    I’d say there’s a Knuttel or two in the jacks.

    McCormack was a Papal Count which basically means (apart from nothing) the Pope thought you were a very good Catholic.

    It’s pretend nobility.

  4. Optimus Grime

    On the floor plan it’s marked as a family/games room. Ah yes nothing like a sunday afternoon with the family watching a bit of pole dancing.

    1. Caroline

      A bar is also tacky.

      If you want to exercise your upper body in the sitting room you may hoik yourself up on the door lintel like any respectable Irish woman.

      1. Nice Anne {Dammit}

        I…know…a…bar…is…tacky…that…is…why… Oh forget it.

        And FYI lentil lifts make poo of the paint on the door frame.

        Bleeding know it all know nuthin’ amateurs..

        1. Caroline

          lol. Sure listen. If you want a pole in your house, I’ll hardly stop you. It’s not me wiping the fanny sweat off it before the guests arrive!

          1. Nice Anne {Dammit}

            If you are producing something you think is “fanny sweat” as a result of pole exercises, I recommend less Vaseline or more clothes around that area….

            Try it, it will change your life….

          2. Caroline

            I think I’ll stick with the traditional yoga all the same. Then the only people watching me exercise are other white middle class Dublin women who get upset if they eat bread.

          3. Nice Anne {Dammit}

            Thanks, but I do all my own stunt work as a matter of course.

            Enjoy your downward dog positons – let me know if you ever want to do an upside down suspended b1t<h on a pole move :)

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