13 thoughts on “Cavalier Round Heads

  1. FK

    I always thought that five & over would get rounded up, four or less rounded down. Now I’m very confused!

    1. Murtle

      That’s correct if you’re rounding to the nearest 10c, but this is to the nearest 5c. eg €1.48 rounds up €1.50, but €1.47 rounds down to €1.45. Simples

    1. Anne

      No such thing as a stupid question..
      That sorta attitude allows a couple of billion here and there to be miscalculated and no one will bat an eyelid coz you’re just supposed to understand it.

  2. TheQ47

    some important points in that poster:
    Rounding is voluntary, if you want exact change, just ask for it, the retailer is obliged to give it to you.
    It also only applies to cash transactions, so any card transaction CANNOT be rounded.

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