The World Is Not Enough



He’s back.

With a record.

Are Ya Having That writes:

‘LeatherJacketGuy’ beats a Guinness World Record along with 728 other people to Officially be part of the ‘Largest Beer Tasting’ On Earth. – All of this happened at the ‘Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair’ which took place in the Convention Centre.

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25 thoughts on “The World Is Not Enough

    1. rotide

      well done max, you have learned to hold off posting untill it would be possible to have watched the video

  1. Owen O'F

    I can only assume the Broadsheet editors lost a bet at some point in the past, and this interminable stream of inchoate excresence is the result.

  2. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    Listen up folks: I’ve figured it out. This LJG things has been annoying me for a while so I did some research. This research involved watching a few of his (Max Byrne’s) stand up videos available online. Here’s one of them:

    If you watch it you can see it’s definitely not funny. At a stretch this comes across as anti-comedy, which is in itself a genre of comedy. Here’s the thing though. Most anti-comedy comedians will leave traces of the fact they are genuinely funny, but this happens to be the comedy path they chose (Andy Kauffman, Tim and Eric, Norm MacDonald). This way you can enjoy their anti-humour safe in the knowledge it’s supposed to come across like that.

    So I suggest that LJG is an anti-comic who has made the huge mistake of forgetting to let people know he can be genuinely funny and his act is supposed to come across as inept.

    The fact I’ve put so much thought into this means he’s already won so…good luck to him I guess.

  3. Prickstick

    Ha! Screw world records. I taste more than everyone in that whole room every weekend and I get nothing! Bastards.

    1. Butter

      “I’m have that.”

      Fooking hell are they outsourcing the fake comments to India now or something?

      Bodger you should be ashamed of yourself posting this crap to users who obviously despise it, I hope the truth comes out at some point.

      1. Andrew seddon

        Do you not realise how many fans he has through out his various channels, thousands adore him! Regardless of what you think he’s charming, funny, very out there and not afraid to be himself, and we love that.

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