Remembering Caoilte



Earlier tonight.

Outside Leinster House on Kildare Street, Dublin.

Friends and family of the late Caoilte O Broin – including Shane Gillen speaking on stage (above) – held a vigil in honour of Caoilte.

Those gathered wore ‘smiley face’ masks to represent how people hide their mental health problems.

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Pics: Shane Gillen, Niamh Nic and dabombshell77

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16 thoughts on “Remembering Caoilte

  1. b

    a few weeks ago Frances Fitzgerald said in an interview with the Sindo that miscarriage was the last taboo in Ireland. it isn’t. the stigma that Irish people especially employers put on mental health is.

  2. Seb Murphy

    All the staff inside slapping the back/brown nosing the new Fine Gael planted Clerk of the dail in the bar this evening.

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I can’t envisage a day when the Irish government will apply or even formulate an effective plan for mental health.
    -It’s like being homeless…if you aren’t going to be voting you go to the bottom of the priority list. We’ll get back to you when we’re ready.

    There is NO recovery.
    They are lying.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Thanks Joe.

        I’m drunk because I’m angry, not angry because I’m stupid.

        We need a revolution.

        Imagine if Bernie Sanders became the next POTUS.
        Imagine if Elizabeth Warren was VP.
        -It could happen.

        By the time our next election came around we’d be in a better place, not as beholden to money.
        Able to think straight. Like adults.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          next election

          -the one after this upcoming one, which is going to comical.
          I can’t wait to watch the squirming and u-turns we have in store for ourselves.

          I don’t blame the $hitpoor candidates.
          I blame the $hit-brained electorate.

          You know it’s true.

  4. Joe cool

    And zero questions asked about mental health tonight. I look forward to voting against the big 3 come election time

  5. Bill Fitzgerald

    Mental health is forgotten in Ireland…Some of the recent advances look shiny and nice but really at the foundation there is very little there. The Emperors New Clothes…Unless you have money you’re in serious trouble. Speaking from my own experience. 2 hospitalizations for mania and depressive mania….Diagnosed with bipolar I at 22 back in 1997 and 1998….I remember going to the GP twice yearly for blood tests…That was it nothing else, no counselling where i was in a country hospital….

    Looking back now, (with hindsight) I somehow kept it going, and working consistently…..I only investigating counselling in 2010 and 2-3 weeks into it developed panic attacks lasting for about 2 years. i still get a hint of them from time……..The public system is completely broken…….This should be highlighted by journalists…I am compliant with medication, and also use holistic methods like meditation and reiki which i consider to be essential….Not everyone would agree but then you don’t use or try everything until you have to…Until theres nothing left to try…..I am a successful case for mental health and there is stigma against me…..Its just there thats the reality unfortunately…….I have ideas on how to break this down but thats for another post….

  6. Bill Fitzgerald

    We had a Minister for Mental Health, nothing personal against Kathleen Lynch,(until recent dissolution of Dáil) but its hopelessly inadequte…It wouldn’t matter who was in there…Politicians kids will never go through what I and many others went through, better care, more money etc….How do we expect them to know whats going on? Its not like with like…I have attended approximately 65 counselling sessions, more this year since a well known psychiatrist said my bipolar was in remission and cut my medication. Lithium has been cut.

    Everything is too loose in Ireland, too many voluntary and state run organisations. Don’t get me wrong they do great work, but I counted over 20 at least on my last count…..Nothing is joined up from GP to pharmacist to psychiatrist…Holistic methods aren’t given the attention they deserve either…..Its all medication based…..Its frustrating to watch, its all about celebrities going public in Ireland, which is important but in my opinion will never explain the tougher mental health stories and one the mainstream media rely on time and time again….

  7. Bill Fitzgerald

    For me personally the alarming thing is the lack of public reaction to it. Ask yourself two questions….
    Who benefits from the current mess of the mental health system we have in Ireland?
    Who has little to zero accountability within this system once conventional work is carried out on patients?

    After answering the first two questions…..The final one is a lot easier….

    Is it in their interests to change it…..Why would they change it?

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