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Ain’t no party, like a fintech party.

Dynamic, creative and ambitious nerds starter-uppers take note.

Mark O’Toole writes:

Irish currency exchange startup CurrencyFair (of Sebastian Chabal fame) have just released this video offering advice to Irish start-ups and why tech companies should be positive about the Dublin scene.

It’s not all just about favourable tax breaks and early exit strategies you know.



Currency Fair

11 thoughts on “Fare Trade

  1. Harry Molloy

    Great area, great company.

    Disruption is a buzz word but if you successfully disrupt then the world’s your oyster. See air bnb and uber..

  2. NIce Anne {Dammit}

    So by disrupt, they just mean have an idea to fill a need that people have and make money out of it. Like commerce has been doing since the first coins in fifth century BC in Lydia,

    So his advice is ‘Be a Lydian’ …. and just as obscure….

    1. EarthwormJim

      it’s more about disrupting traditional channels ,eg taxis and uber ,hotels and airbnb , banks and block chain

    2. Mark

      Disrupt means something very specific. It doesn’t just mean a ‘new idea’. It means find a market that someone else is making money out of – find someone’s budget who’s willing to change their spending habits. Then get enough VC investment to sell below cost for a few years and wipe out the competition. Then jack up the price. When Chinese companies do this its called ‘price dumping’. When US-style startups do it, its called ‘disruption’ and ‘innovation’.

    3. Gulfram

      To lydianize, verbalize, sweet, sounds appropriately fluid. Niiceee. I’m going to bring that into monday’s management meeting.

    4. :-Joe

      Ok Lydia I’m already with you on the whole Libya part but what in the bejayziz do I do next ?!

      Exit strategy now?… or after more rounds of funding steps?…


    1. :-Joe

      Hmmm…. Interesting thoughts…

      Why Europe has no GONNA’-OOoogle everything and make a F’DERPbook of humans for advertising and other such (not so)fun experiments….?

      Well… for starters, there is no mention of the US military economy and it’s…. hu…_A_…ge ….spending and investment power since before WW-No.2(Episode 3 – Coming soon).

      Over to my good man brother Chomski-dawg to lay down some cold truths that shine shine through another black hole in the void of unanswered questions of the modern collective conscience…. & also make up for my laziness too. ( I can’t type, he sounds more convincing and I really need to sleep.)

      Empirical evidence from historical data = scientific fact that works… Disrupt that bitch’zzzz….!!!


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