30 thoughts on “Stop That

      1. jonotti

        There’s a schools cup semi final on the line here ffs. Forget about the potential brain damage to a teenager.

    1. eoin hurley

      That’s actually appaling. BTW why do people stick their tongues out now for photos. Should only be done for kissing and er other stuff.

  1. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    Every few months without fail there’s an ‘Absolute legend audience member(s) on the **insert late night show**’

    Anyone who actively has made an effort to get in the late late audience is far from legendary, “right when the camera comes on us, let’s do something hilarious”


    1. Owen

      This is the best comment post I’ve ever seen. Ever. Fact.
      The poor girl – not for her clear disappointment, but for her unparalleled excitement.

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