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  1. Media Guru

    Does anyone really care what Mammy O’Rourke has to say? She and her party ruined the country. Looks like she’s mad that her son failed to secure the FF ticket in Westmeath and is only trying to be a pain in Martin’s side. The older generation will turn away from FF is they sense they’ll go with FG.

    1. Lilly

      Do you think older people have nothing to offer? If they are compos mentis, they have as much right to take part in public discourse as you or I. Look at Catherine McGuinness, she always makes a better contribution than most to any discussion in which she participates. I’m no fan of Mammy O’Rourke but don’t denigrate her based on her age.

  2. Custo

    The media seem to be keen to spin this ‘isn’t it a terrible hardship fer the pewer auld salt of the earth Hutch family’ angle.

  3. Anne

    Just spotted this –

    I’ve had no interest in voting for SDs if they were to go in with FG.. none whatsoever.

    “Senior Fine Gael figures have said the Social Democrats would be their “first port of call” if they were unable to form another coalition with Labour…

    “Ms Murphy said it was essential that the country undergoes a “change in direction” by “whatever entities” lead the next Government. ”

    Whatever entities? Labour were all for a change in direction 5 years ago too like…

    1. Harry Molloy

      Do you not think they’d be better off in Govt that out, even if it meant the necessary evil of supporting a party you don’t like?

      Completely understand where you’re coming from. I just think that from an SD point of view, they are a small party and will only ever sit on opposition benches for the forseeable future, unless they compromise with a larger party and at least get to push for some of their policies.

      It’s a different version of an independent propping up a Govt and getting his roads done in return. Te SDs could [ush to get their ‘roads’ done.

      1. Anne

        I’d be happy if they could form a gov with anyone but FG, FF and labour.. you can’t go taking off your knickers for anyone like.

        1. Same old same old

          Of course. To listen to the fanboys and bell ends on this Ammo and co are gonna cure cancer

        1. Same old same old

          Any of those hiding behind some ’cause’ to seek election. E.g Greens, Renua, Healy Raes, Lowrys

          1. classter

            Putting the Greens in the same boat as Healy Raes or Lowry is the sort of idicoy that leaves us with such terrible poltiicians.

            One could criticise the Greens for many things but they are clearly a very different more admirable (not all with agree with the latter) than Lowry.

  4. poppy

    Enda ( a Mayo farmer).
    “MY cow fell into a hole and i had to shoot it”
    Simon “Did you shoot it in da hole?”
    Enda “No, I shot it in the head”.

    1. classter

      No, it isn’t.

      Why are the Costellos posing with Hutch?

      Bullsh!t about ordinary decent criminal aside, he is responsible for a huge amount of suffering in inner city Dublin.

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